2023 Toyota RAV4 Adventure Interior Colors (w/ Photos)

The 2023 Toyota RAV4 Adventure is one of two trim levels that include standard all-wheel drive. While it has the standard XLE features, it also includes SofTex synthetic leather upholstery paired with orange accents. Features that make this model more capable include the auxiliary engine oil cooler, 19” wheels, LED fog lights, and off-road drive modes. It also includes a 120-volt power outlet for added capability.

Here are the interior colors available on the 2023 Toyota RAV4 Adventure:

Black SofTex

The black interior is a very popular choice for its simple, yet impressive appearance. The contrast of the black complements the RAV4’s interior quite nicely.

With the SofTex material, it is a classic choice with an elegant and upscale appearance. Additionally. the black SofTex is very easy to keep clean. This means your RAV4 will always look sharp!

This interior color is available with all exterior colors of the Adventure trim.

Check out these photos:

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Mocha SofTex

Mocha isn’t a typical one-tone interior color. Instead, it offers a unique balance of colors that pair perfectly together. With the contrasting colors in play, it offers a unique environment that remains highly coveted.

The seats are trimmed with a dark mocha color, with a light taupe coloring the center of the seats. It also contains eye-catching orange accents for even more fun.

This color is available to pair with any exterior color of the Adventure trim.

Overall Thoughts

I’m a big fan of the RAV4 Adventure, especially with the unique Mocha interior color. Both interior options look great on this trim level. The SofTex is also great because it stays intact for many years and is easy to maintain!

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