2023 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium Interior Colors (w/ Photos)

The 2023 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium builds on the previous XLE model with SofTex synthetic leather upholstery. It also includes a stylish moonroof and LED fog lights. With the standard lineup, expect standard 19” wheels, while the hybrid model includes 18” instead.

Here are the interior colors available on the 2023 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium:

Ash SofTex

The ash interior is made of Toyota’s “SofTex” material, which is synthetic leather. It provides a two-toned gray appearance, but it’s not boring and drab.

In combination with the SofTex material, this interior color offers an upscale, dynamic style that is sure to impress. Its color adds a “cool” feeling to the cabin and also makes it feel very spacious.

This interior color is available to pair with any exterior color of the XLE Premium trim.

Here are some photos of this interior color:

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Black SofTex

The black interior is a very popular choice for its simple, yet impressive appearance. The contrast of the black complements the RAV4’s interior quite nicely.

With the SofTex material, it is a classic choice with an elegant and upscale appearance. Additionally. the black SofTex is very easy to keep clean. This means your RAV4 will always look sharp!

This interior color is available with all exterior colors of the XLE Premium trim.

Check out these photos:

Nutmeg SofTex

The Nutmeg SofTex interior provides the perfect break from the standard black or gray interior. It’s classy and designed to be upscale. This Nutmeg color offers a luxurious feel for your RAV4 model, accenting the rest of the cabin.

At first glance, it could appear that the Nutmeg color is a tan hue, but there’s so much more to see. This unique color brings depth and dimension to the cabin of the RAV4.

Nutmeg SofTex is only available with the following exterior colors of the XLE Premium trim:

  • Midnight Black Metallic
  • Ruby Flare Pearl
  • Blueprint
  • Wind Chill Pearl
  • Lunar Rock

Here are some photos of this interior color:

Overall Thoughts

The XLE Premium is an impressive trim level that can be paired with various interior colors. All colors are available in SofTex, which makes the seats easy to clean and maintain for years.

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