50+ Best Toyota RAV4 Mods & Accessories

Are you looking to upgrade your RAV4?

In this article, I’ll discuss the best RAV4 mods that you can make to improve your crossover SUV.

I’ve collected this list of modifications from my experience modifying my own RAV4, as well as my discussions with other RAV4 enthusiasts.

Take your Toyota RAV4 to the next level with my top 50 favorite mods and aftermarket accessories:

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Storage & Organization

1. Custom-Fit Center Console Tray Organizer

Turn your RAV4’s center console into a two-layer storage system that conveniently holds your items with no sliding or rattling.

This storage system is custom-fit for the RAV4 and still allows for ample space below the tray to store extra items in your center console.

2. Center Console Organizer

Although the RAV4 has pretty useful storage spaces built into the car, some people could still benefit from additional storage space for small items.

This center console storage tray is perfect for storing small items such as pens, wallets, phones, and more.

3. Custom-Fit Glove Box Organizer

This custom-fit glove box organizer turns your RAV4’s glove box into a convenient storage system for your items. Simply drop it into your glove box for installation.

4. Center Console Vault

This is quite an interesting idea and might come in handy if you keep valuables in your car.

This is a center console safe that locks your items in a box. If your car is broken into, it will help prevent your items from being stolen.

5. Roof Rack Cross Bars

A roof rack can be a useful tool in many situations, such as transporting a mattress, kayaks, skis, and more.

These cross bars mount to the side rails on your RAV4 which allows you to transport items easily whenever you need to.

6. Folding Hitch Cargo Carrier

When you’re camping or taking a long trip, extra storage space is a huge bonus (especially if you’re traveling with kids).

Most people opt for a roof rack with a cargo box or bag, but there’s actually a better way to store your extra items. Attach them to the hitch!

This cargo carrier inserts into your hitch and provides a 16″ x 20″ x 6″ platform to store your extra items. It can hold up to 500 pounds, which is quite impressive.

Best of all, it folds away when you’re not using it!

7. Prinsu Roof Rack

prinsu roof rack for the toyota rav4

A roof rack is a set of bars that you secure to the roof of your vehicle. Some vehicles come with a roof rack already installed. However, stock roof racks aren’t great.

Installing an aftermarket roof rack enables you to carry items that wouldn’t fit in your car like sporting goods, camping gear, luggage, ski equipment, canoes, kayaks, etc.

One of the best RAV4 mods is the Prinsu Roof Rack which can be used for any adventures that require hauling additional gear.

I use this roof rack myself and believe it’s the best roof rack on the market for the RAV4. The Prinsu Roof Rack is not only lightweight, low profile, and customizable, but it’s also high-quality and versatile. Plus, depending on why you want a roof rack, there are additional accessories you can add including a water tank and bottle opener.

Note that these racks will not work on any RAV4 models that are equipped with a panoramic sunroof

Check out the different models of the Prinsu Roof Rack here:

8. Trunk Cargo Net

Keep your trunk organized with this trunk cargo net. This is extremely easy to install. You’ll find it useful if you keep items in your trunk on a regular basis. It is also great for groceries!

9. Multimedia Screen Storage Tray

I’ve covered several different aftermarket storage options for the RAV4, but this one might be the most clever.

This storage tray attaches behind the multimedia screen for quick and easy storage on the dashboard.


1. Tinted Windows

toyota rav4 with tinted windows

Tinting your RAV4 windows has numerous benefits. It provides UV protection, preserves your interior, increases privacy, improves comfort, gives you better gas mileage, boosts the look of your vehicle, and prevents window glass from flying around in the event of an accident.

This modification isn’t specific to the RAV4, any vehicle can benefit from having its windows tinted for all the reasons above.

To get this modification for your RAV4, check the legal tint for your state. Some states require that the window tint must allow more than 50 percent of the light in while others mandate that tinted windows cannot measure darker than a certain percentage. Then, search for an automotive shop that’ll provide window tinting services. It typically costs between $100 to $400 for your entire car.

2. Emblem Overlays

toyota rav4 emblem overlay

Adding emblem overlays to your RAV4 is a simple, cheap, and easy way to make your car stand out. There are plenty of unique designs to choose from, although many people like to stick with black.

Feel free to browse different designs and get creative!

For blackout options on 2019 and forward models, Toyota sells OEM overlays on Amazon. Click the button below for your model.

3. Aftermarket Wheels

toyota rav4 aftermarket wheels
Image credit: elementwheels.com

Aftermarket wheels are those that were not manufactured by Toyota for RAV4. They are purchased from a third-party company.

Most people purchase aftermarket wheels for aesthetic purposes. They can drastically alter the appearance of your RAV4.

Here are a few ideas for this modification:

Buy Toyota’s TRD wheels

TRD wheels are normally made of aluminum alloy, which makes them lighter, allows them to dissipate heat better, and boosts performance and handling. The wheels come with the TRD Off-Road trim of the Toyota RAV4, but you can also purchase them for your non-TRD RAV4.

Get wheel skin covers

This is an inexpensive change you can make to your car. Head to eBay (or a similar site) to purchase wheel skins. Simply turning your hubcaps black can make a big difference visually.

Remove the plastic covers

Some steel wheels have plastic covers, and your car will look better with these covers removed. I’ve made this change myself, and I think it’s one of the best RAV4 mods you can make for free (if you like this style).

4. Aftermarket Grille

toyota rav4 aftermarket grille
Image credit: tacovinyl.com

A grille is featured at the front of most vehicles to protect the radiator and engine while allowing air to enter. If you choose to replace the grille on your Toyota RAV4, this is an entirely aesthetic decision. There’s no utility to this, but a lot of people enjoy transforming the look of their RAV4 with a new front grille.

Check out this front grille upgrade if you’re interested in a different look for your vehicle. It’s a popular RAV4 aftermarket accessory that I see on the road.

Off-Road & Travel

1. Rooftop Retractable Awning

An awning is yet another great mod for RAV4 camping and traveling.

Sure, you could buy a canopy but we all know how difficult those are to set up, especially if you’re by yourself.

With this retractable rooftop awning, you won’t have to struggle to set up some shade. This awning stays attached to your roof and deploys in less than 30 seconds!

2. Self-Pressurized Water Tank

If there’s one thing I dislike about camping, it’s the lack of running water.

Most of my camping was off-the-grid for days at a time. I didn’t have access to electricity or running water. This self-pressurized water tank would’ve been a game-changer if I knew about it at the time.

This tank does not require electricity and holds 3.8 gallons of water to provide you with 15 minutes of water flow from its 8-foot hose!

3. Trunk Tent Attachment

Want to transform your RAV4 into a camping oasis? This is the mod that does just that.

This tent attaches to your open trunk. Not only will you have ample space provided by the tent itself, but your RAV4’s interior will be used as an extension of the tent.

4. Mud Flaps

These mud flaps keep your RAV4’s paint protected from mud, dirt, and gravel that is kicked up from your wheels.

If you want to keep your paint free from chips and rust long-term, these are a must-have.

Achieve function and form with mud flaps, as they provide protection to the car and some of the most subtle, but coolest off-road aesthetic.

5. Class 2 Trailer Hitch

Although the RAV4’s towing capacity is not great, it could still benefit from a hitch.

You can use a hitch on your RAV4 to transport bikes or haul light trailers, campers, motorcycles, dirt bikes, or boats.

6. Window Visors

Window visors are a useful modification that allows you to keep your windows partially open during rain without getting your interior wet. It also helps reduce wind noise while the windows are down.

7. Privacy Curtains

Privacy curtains are an absolute MUST if you’re traveling or camping in your RAV4. I took my RAV4 around the country for several months in 2022 and I could not have gone without privacy curtains.

I’ve had several moments where people were close to my car while trying to sleep. I even had someone knock on the window and run away.

Having easy-to-install curtains really gives a lot of peace of mind in these situations.

8. Falken Wildpeak Tires

falken wildpeak tires

If you’re interested in better handling for your RAV4, then a tire upgrade may be in your future. The RAV4’s stock tires, those that come with the car from the factory, don’t perform well in slick conditions. I’ve found Falken Wildpeak to be one of the best RAV4 mods.

How do you know if it’s worth it to upgrade your tires? If you’re constantly in wet, snowy, muddy, or other slippery conditions, then you may need an upgraded all-terrain tire. The Falken Wildpeak tires fit the bill and have a more aggressive tread with similar gas mileage as the stock tires. Plus, they have little to no additional road noise.

Shortly after I purchased my RAV4, I replaced my stock tires with Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail tires. Not only do they give my vehicle a sportier look, but they also improve traction.

9. Lift Kit

lifted white rav4 with offroad tires
Image courtesy of @gregg.feinstein

Lifting your vehicle can create more ground clearance, additional space between the driving surface and the vehicle’s frame. This is the best RAV4 mod if you’re hoping to take your vehicle off-roading.

10. Lightbar Mount

toyota rav4 lightbar
Image credit: rallyinnovations.com

Light bars are used for better visibility during night-time driving. These bars illuminate an area much more effectively than other forms of auto lighting because of the distribution of light as well as the brightness of the LED bulbs.

If you’re constantly wishing your vehicle had additional light, then installing a lightbar could help increase your visibility. Not to mention, the lightbar itself upgrades the look of your vehicle.

Rally Innovations, my favorite lightbar company, is releasing a Toyota RAV4 lightbar. It’s currently on pre-sale for a discounted price, and they’ll start production once 3 lightbars have been pre-ordered.

I’ve previously installed a Rally Innovations lightbar on my Subaru Impreza, and I couldn’t recommend the quality more.

11. Sleeping System

HEYTRIP air mattress

Feel tired during camping and traveling?

Then you should not miss HEYTRIP Air Mattress, a great addition to your car sleeping system and your ticket to a rejuvenating rest wherever your adventures take you.

Engineered for comfort and versatility, this inflatable mattress is the ideal solution for those seeking a restful break during outdoor excursions.

Specifically designed to fit SUVs like the RAV4, the HEYTRIP air mattress features two separate air chambers with individual inflation and deflation ports on each side, allowing you to tailor the firmness to your liking.


1. Custom-Fit Interior Storage Liners

These interior storage liners are custom-fit to all storage space and cupholders on the RAV4.

These liners help prevent difficult-to-clean messes and add a touch of color to various areas of your interior.

2. Custom-Fit Car Seat Covers

Custom-fit seat covers can make a huge difference in the appearance and feel of your RAV4’s interior, especially if you have fabric seats.

Leather seat covers are a great way to make your RAV4 feel more luxurious and comfortable.

3. Rear Cargo Liner

If your RAV4 did not come with a rear cargo liner, you can purchase one aftermarket which is just as good.

This rear cargo liner will provide ultimate protection against messes.

4. Dog Seat Protector

If you have dogs, you know how frustrating it can be to keep your seats clean. Without seat protectors, your dogs can even scratch and rip your seats causing permanent damage.

Use this seat protector to keep your seats safe from dogs.

5. Custom-Fit Floor Mats

These custom-fit floor mats keep your RAV4 protected from spills, dirt, and other messes that can damage your floor. They are also easy to install and clean!

6. Retractable Rear Cargo Cover

If your RAV4 did not come with a cargo cover, this aftermarket option works just as well.

Use this retractable rear cargo cover to keep your items hidden and protected in the back of your RAV4.

7. Custom-Fit Sun Shade

Custom fitted sun visor

Sun shades are great if you live in warm, sunny climates such as Florida or Arizona. However, most sun shades are universal and may not properly cover the entirety of your windshield. This can mean they’re frustrating to put up. If they fall down it’s even worse coming back to your car feeling like an oven.

This sun shade from CARid is custom-fit for the RAV4, so you can be sure that no light will come into your vehicle. They come in silver or metallic blue.

See year and model below for the correct fit.

2013-2018 – With Rearview Mirror Mounted Camera

2013-2018 – Without Rearview Mirror Mounted Camera

2006-2012 RAV4 Non-EV Models and 2012-2014 EV Models

2021-2014 RAV4 EV Models

2019-2024 RAV4 Non-EV Models

8. Leather Shift Knob Cover

This leather shift knob adds a nice touch to your interior appearance and keeps your shift knob protected.

9. Center Console Armrest Cover

Your center console armrest can get quite dirty and worn down, especially after years of driving. It’s a great idea to pick up this armrest protector so you can keep the original quality intact!

10. Multimedia Screen Protector

Just like you protect your phone screen, it’s also worth considering protection for your RAV4’s multimedia screen. Scratches are permanent, so using a protector will completely eliminate the risk of permanent screen damage.


1. Dash Speaker System Upgrade

Aftermarket speakers

Many RAV4 owners aren’t satisfied with the RAV4’s speaker system. If you enjoy high-quality sound, then upgrading the dashboard speakers and door speakers is a worthwhile swap if your RAV4 did not come with the premium JBL audio system.

I did this to my own RAV4, and the results were amazing. It’s super easy to install and an incredible value.

2. Wireless Android Auto Adapter

One major complaint about the RAV4 is that it does not come with wireless android auto for 2022 or older vehicles.

Luckily, you can purchase this wireless android auto adapter to make sure life easier!

3. Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter

Many RAV4 owners don’t like the hassle of plugging in their phone every time they want to use Apple CarPlay.

Thankfully, you can purchase this wireless CarPlay adapter so you don’t need to mess with annoying wires every time you want to listen to music or use navigation.

4. Wireless Solar Backup Camera

If your RAV4 did not come with a backup camera, you’re missing out. They’re very helpful for improving safety and peace of mind.

The biggest problem with aftermarket backup cameras is that they can be a pain to install, but luckily there is a solution!

This solar-powered backup camera from Auto Vox works wirelessly, so you don’t have to run any wires to the rear of the vehicle.

We tested this camera first hand and it works great. Simply attach it to your license plate, plug it in, and it works flawlessly!

5. Remote Start System

If your RAV4 does not come with remote start, consider adding an aftermarket remote start system. It’s important to choose a model with exceptional customer reviews. I don’t recommend going with the cheaper options, as these are more likely to break.

After significant research, I’ve concluded that this Compustar remote start bundle is one of the best options for the Toyota RAV4. Here are just a few of the top features offered with this RAV4 remote starter.

6. Wireless Phone Charger

Dealing with phone chargers is no fun, especially when you’re in the car.

If you’re tired of using a wire to charge your phone while driving, you can purchase this wireless phone charger to make your life easier.

7. Dash Camera

dash camera

This is another modification that’s useful to any car owner. A dash camera is a small camera that’s mounted to your windshield. It helps capture the other drivers around you to protect you in the event of an accident or break-in.

Dash cams protect against fraudulent insurance claims and deter theft. A camera can also lower your car insurance premium, so be sure to check with your car insurance company.

I’ve heard great things about this VIOFO dash camera with a GPS tracking logger, super night vision, a wide view angle of 140 degrees, and other useful features to protect you on the road.

8. Comma Openpilot (Autonomous Driving)

Comma Openpilot (Autonomous Driving)

If you enjoy the RAV4’s adaptive cruise control, you should consider taking it a step further with Comma’s “Openpilot” technology. This allows the car to can accelerate, brake automatically for other vehicles, and steer to follow the road/lane all without any driver intervention!

9. OBD-II Scanner

Whether you work on your RAV4 yourself or not, having an OBD-II scanner to diagnose your Check Engine Lights is handy.

If you want to wrench on your own SUV, both of these readers below will diagnose all CEL codes on the Toyota RAV4 (note: some scanners do not read all codes).

I personally prefer the Bluetooth version from Blue Driver. That’s because it allows me to save the report onto my phone for ease of access. It also gives me diagnostic tips and common fixes that are community sourced. It’s saved me a ton of time!

The plug-and-play version is great too. Which ever you decide, get one and toss it in your glovebox now. If a Check Engine Light comes on, you’ll be glad you’re more informed before trying to fix it yourself or take it to a mechanic.


1. Interior Cabin LED Kit

rav4 interior light upgrade - front seats

LED lights provide you with brighter and cleaner light to help the interior looks its best. However, most people never consider making the swap for their car’s interior lights and instead stick with dim, yellow halogen bulbs.

An Interior Cabin LED Kit allows ‘plug and play’ installation with bright LED bulbs. The RAV4 isn’t known for great interior lighting, which makes this an ideal modification if you want a cheap and easy improvement to your vehicle.

View our installation guide here.

2. Trunk Hatch Lights

The RAV4’s cargo area is notoriously difficult to see at night. There’s only a small light that barely illuminates the cargo area. In fact, the existing cargo light is so dim that you might not even realize it is there.

Luckily, you can install these bright led lights to provide ample lighting in the cargo area. These attach to the hatch and illuminate the entire cargo area when the trunk is lifted.

3. Fog Accent Lights

These accent lights provide a stylish look to the front of your RAV4. This is a unique modification that isn’t seen very often, so it’s a great way to make your RAV4 stand out.

These lights work as daytime running lights and turn signal lights.

4. LED Off-Road Lights

Adding auxiliary off-road lights to your RAV4 helps improve overall visibility at night. This can be useful for spotting moving animals alongside the road, lighting up the approaching terrain on a dirt trail, and more.

5. Yellow LED Fog Lights

The factory fog lights on the RAV4 are okay, but they aren’t quite bright enough. These aftermarket LED fog lights are brighter which makes it easier to see in foggy conditions. They are available in white and yellow.

6. Amber LED Raptor Grille Lights

These amber LED “raptor” lights improve the appearance and safety of your RAV4.

This is one of the most popular modifications that people do to their Toyota RAV4. Plug and play makes installation super fast and easy.

7. LED Side Mirror Turn Signals

These LED side mirror sequential turn signals improve the visual prominence of your turn signals.

This is a simple but powerful modification that increases the safety and appearance of your RAV4.

8. LED Sequential Daytime Running Lights

If you’re looking for a simple, yet elegant way to make your RAV4 stand out, consider these daytime running lights that mount discreetly inside the grille.

9. LED Backlit Power Window Switches

It’s surprising that the RAV4 does not come with backlit window switches from the factory!

Luckily, you can install this LED backlit switch replacement so you never struggle to see buttons in the dark.

10. LED Lightbar

If you find yourself traveling late at night, particularly in remote areas, consider adding a lightbar!

I’m a huge fan of extra lighting… Although I haven’t added any extra lights to my RAV4, I did to one of my other cars where I installed two extra sets of headlights. It was very nice to have.

This lightbar from Lasfit is a great, long-lasting option.

Keep in mind that you can’t use a lightbar on busy roads. It should be saved for remote driving and off-roading.

Getting Started

There are a lot of modifications that I’ve included in this list. Of course, you probably don’t want to buy all of them at once! You should choose the ones that fit your style and needs.

If you’re new to car modifications, it’s best to start small. Maybe consider some simple interior upgrades to start with like the various storage organizers that I’ve listed. These are always cheap and easy to install.

After you get comfortable with some simple mods, consider some more advanced accessories such as the led interior lights, dashboard speaker upgrade, or horn replacement. These are still pretty simple to do with basic tools and a few minutes of your time.

If you get serious about modifying your RAV4, you can step it up with a lift kit installation, roof rack, or a trailer hitch. You may want to consider getting help from a local mechanic for these mods, unless you have some experience working on cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the modification alters the car’s performance, it will likely void the warranty. This could be an intake, exhaust, ECU tune, and mods that put stress on the engine. However, aftermarket parts for repairs do not void the warranty. (Get Jerry)

It depends on the type and quality of the modification. Generally, well-designed and professionally installed modifications will add value as long as they are desirable to the new buyer. This could be a suspension upgrade, brake upgrade, better wheels, etc. Modifications to the engine, bad window tinting, poor paint jobs, and low-quality audio systems are examples of mods that might lower the car’s value. (Pedal Commander)


While the Toyota RAV4 is a great vehicle, not all its stock features allow it to perform best. Small upgrades to its tires, sound system, and interior lights could have you even more in love with your vehicle than the day you drove it off the lot.

Which of the best RAV4 mods is your favorite? I’ve installed some of the above in my own vehicle and hope to make some additional changes to my RAV4 in the future. If you’re wondering about any other RAV4 aftermarket accessories that may or may not be on this list, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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  1. Great list! Is there a HUD unit for the RAV? It would have been great if Toyota had optimised use of space above the driver console by incorporating a line of sight HUD.