Fully Loaded 2023 Toyota RAV4: A Detailed Look at Features & Cost

If money is no concern, you may as well enjoy a fully loaded 2023 Toyota RAV4. There’s nothing better than the top RAV4 trim level with all of the features and options.

In this guide, I cover every aspect of a fully loaded RAV4. I give you details on the features, packages, colors, and accessories. Finally, I break down the cost and help you determine if it’s worth it.

Spoiler alert – It’s not usually worth the expense, and I’ll explain why.

silver toyota rav4

Options Breakdown

When choosing options for a new vehicle, several categories exist. For this reason, I cover the exterior colors, packages, and accessories separately.

The most expensive and luxurious trim level of the RAV4 is the Hybrid Limited. It features an MSRP of $39,030 and comes complete with every addition you could want.

While there are some RAV4 Prime models that cost more, I didn’t want to add them to this article since Toyota treats them more as a separate line of the RAV4. I will deal with the features of the RAV4 Prime at another time if you are interested in the plug-in hybrid model.

Exterior Color

The 2023 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid can be outfitted with four standard exterior colors at no extra cost. These include:

  • Magnetic Gray Metallic
  • Midnight Black Metallic
  • Blueprint
  • Silver Sky Metallic

However, if you are looking for a premium color option, there are two other choices available.

  • Ruby Flare Pearl
  • Wind Chill Pearl

Either of these exterior colors adds $425 to the price tag.


Limited Grade Advanced Technology Package with Options

With several packages available, it’s simple to create the RAV4 you desire. There are four packages offered on the 2023 RAV4 Hybrid Limited.

The most premium package offered is called the “Limited Grade Advanced Technology Package with options.”

Details of this package:

    • Limited Grade Advanced Technology Package — includes Smart Key System on all doors and liftgate; height-adjustable foot-activated power liftgate with jam protection; Panoramic View Monitor with 360-degree Overhead View in low-speed drive and reverse and Curb View; and Qi-compatible wireless smartphone charging with charge indicator light
    • Limited Grade Weather Package—includes a heated steering wheel, rear outboard passenger heated seating, and rain-sensing variable intermittent windshield wipers with de-icer function
    • Digital rearview mirror with HomeLink® universal transceiver
    • Panoramic glass roof with front power tilt/slide moonroof
    • 50 State Emissions

This package adds $2,540 to the price tag.



The price of a fully loaded 2023 Toyota RAV4 goes up quickly when accessories are added. With so many to choose from, the new RAV4 lacks nothing.

You can really get carried away with the accessories on the 2023 RAV4 Hybrid Limited. There are a total of 28 accessories available.

All-Weather Liner Package (+$309):

  • All-weather floor liners
  • Cargo liner

Carpet Mat Package (+$309):

  • Carpet floor mats
  • Carpet cargo mat

Fog Light Accent and Lower Body Graphics Package (+$290):

  • Fog light accent
  • Lower body graphics

Protection Package (+$594):

  • Alloy wheel locks
  • Body side moldings
  • Mudguards
  • Door edge guards

Other Interior Accessories:

  • Cargo Net-Spider (+$59)
  • Cargo Tote (+$50)
  • Coin Holder/Ashtray Cup (+$17)
  • Door Sill Protectors (+$199)
  • Emergency Assistance Kit (+$59)
  • First Aid Kit w/ PPE (+$25)
  • Integrated Dashcam (+$375)
  • Quick Charge Cable Package (+$70)
  • Universal Tablet Holder (+$99)

Other Exterior Accessories:

  • Blackout Emblem Overlays (+$175)
  • Exhaust Tip – Black Chrome (+$121)
  • Paint Protection Film – Front Bumper (+$485)
  • Paint Protection Film – Hood, Fenders, Mirror Backs & Door Cups (+$439)
  • Roof Rack Cross Bars (+$315)
  • Running Boards (+$620)
  • Tow Hitch Receiver (+$475)
  • Towing Wire Harness (+$160)
  • Trailer Ball – 2” (+$20)

Estimated Cost

What will you spend on a 2023 Toyota RAV4 if you choose everything available? It’s much higher than the MSRP of the Hybrid Limited.

A fully loaded 2023 Toyota RAV4 costs $47,260.

Take a look at this breakdown for more information.

  • $39,030 for the Hybrid Limited trim
  • $425 for premium paint color
  • $2,540 for the most advanced technology package
  • $5,265 for all interior and exterior accessories

The price could be reduced if any of these factors were taken out. For example, if you choose one of the non-premium colors instead, the price goes down another $425. Additionally, if all of the interior and exterior accessories aren’t needed, imagine how much lower the price would be.

With that in mind, the Toyota RAV4 Limited has comparable features and options without the hybrid powertrain. Even with all-wheel drive, this Toyota SUV has an MSRP of $37,680. That’s a $1,350 savings over the hybrid. If the hybrid powertrain isn’t important, it might be worth checking into the standard Limited trim as well.

Is It Worth It?

As an unbiased RAV4 enthusiast, I think the fully loaded 2023 RAV4 comes close to being worth it. However, for most people, it’s just not going to make sense to spend this much.

The biggest reason is that most drivers don’t need all of these interior and exterior accessories. While Toyota has thought of everything, I can’t think of a reason that all those accessories would be needed or wanted. Not only that, but many of the accessories are cheaper through aftermarket companies.

You could save a lot if you were willing to cut back or purchase the accessories elsewhere.

With that said, I believe the highest-level technology package (fourth tier) may be worth the cost if you want a panoramic sunroof.

If the sunroof isn’t important to you, scale back to the second tier instead and save some money. This package includes many of the technology and weather features that are most used. It only gets rid of the panoramic sunroof and digital rearview mirror. Without those two options, you save $700 off the total price.

While I’ve offered my opinion, I can’t possibly tell you what’s for your budget or lifestyle needs. Only an in-depth evaluation on your own will reveal what you should choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest difference is that the 2023 RAV4 has upgraded tech, such as wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and a larger multimedia screen. Otherwise, the body style and other features remain the same.

The 2023 Toyota RAV4 is available at dealerships now. There have been some availability issues with the 2023 RAV4 Prime, but the gas and hybrid RAV4s are not so scare. However, you still may need to wait 1-2 months before getting your hands on one.

Yes, but it doesn’t come standard with the RAV4. Instead, you must choose the highest level of technology packages. It adds $2,540 to the price of the RAV4 (using the Limited trim as an example).


Are you considering a fully loaded RAV4 as your next vehicle? Before you make any major financial commitment, it’s best to evaluate all of your options. Go through the list to see what is needed and what could be passed over.

It’s also helpful to visit a local Toyota dealership and compare the options in person. You can look at the various colors, packages, and accessories to see if they are worth the money. Don’t overlook the importance of a test drive to try everything out as well.

Whatever 2023 RAV4 you choose, I believe you’ll be impressed.

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