Toyota RAV4 Prime Availability (I Asked 29 Dealerships)

It hasn’t been easy to find the new Toyota RAV4 Prime. This plug-in hybrid SUV has become so popular dealerships have a hard time keeping them in stock.

One look at the RAV4 Prime availability for 2022/2023 reveals why so many people are spending more than MSRP (sticker price). 

Because buyers have been waiting months to get into this new SUV, I called around to determine the current availability for the RAV4 Prime.

In fact, I personally reached out to 29 Toyota dealerships around the United States to ensure you have the information needed to make informed decisions.

toyota rav4 prime

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to get a RAV4 Prime. In general, RAV4 wait times are very long right now due to market conditions. This makes you wonder if the RAV4 Prime is worth buying at all, especially considering the RAV4 Prime’s federal tax credit eligibility.

The RAV4 Prime is an expensive car, and you’ll want to consider its availability and wait time before you consider purchasing one.

2022/2023 Availability

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Of the information I received during my calls, here is some of the most important information regarding the new RAV4 Prime availability.

Overall, the availability of the 2022/2023 Toyota RAV4 Prime is not good. Even in the best-case scenario, a Toyota dealership will add you to a long waiting list to get the new RAV4 Prime. Among the 29 dealerships I called, only a couple had a RAV4 Prime that I could place a deposit on and receive in the reasonable future.

The 2023 RAV4 Prime has better availability than the 2022 model. Toyota has phased out the 2022 RAV4 Prime production, so it would be more difficult to find the older model when purchasing new. Still, there’s only little hope of finding the 2023 models in stock.

Where is it most difficult to find the RAV4 Prime?

According to my research, availability was worst in the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest portions of the USA. These dealerships regularly told me that there was no hope of getting a Prime model through them. They didn’t even give me the option to join a waitlist.

In comparison, there appears to be greater availability for the RAV4 Prime in the Northeast and Western portions of the country. If you live in one of these regions, the RAV4 Prime availability may be a bit more promising.

Toyota operates nearly 1,500 dealerships across the United States. While my study doesn’t reflect what every dealership offers, it does give a good indication of the market.


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Waiting List Length

If you find a dealership with RAV4 Prime availability, they may allow you to join a waiting list. However, this isn’t always the case, as most dealerships didn’t have this option available to me.

The current waiting list for the Toyota RAV4 Prime is anywhere from 5 to 24 months. However, some dealerships will not give you the chance to join a waiting list. If a waiting list is available, you may need to put down a deposit to secure your spot.

How to Preorder

The dealerships that are accepting names for the waitlist will also allow preorders for the RAV4 Prime. This process isn’t complicated and it only takes a few minutes to secure a spot.

To preorder a RAV4 Prime, a deposit is usually involved. The deposit is typically only $500 and sometimes it’s refundable. It’s worth verifying this information before putting any money down because some dealerships don’t offer to refund the deposit.

If the dealership has a long waitlist, a deposit may not be allowed at this time. While you might be able to put your name on the list, there’s no deposit securing your spot for now.

Read my full article: How to Pre-Order a Toyota RAV4 Prime

Production Info

red toyota rav4 prime driving

I have reached out to a Toyota representative regarding planned production numbers for the RAV4 Prime. I am currently awaiting their response and will update this article if I receive more information.

Even without this information, I have some thoughts about what is possible in the upcoming years.

Even if sales are growing, demand could go down with the upcoming release of the Toyota bZ4X. Once the bZ4X becomes available, it might be easier to find a RAV4 Prime as some buyers opt for the bZ4X instead. However, you should also keep in mind that Toyota may reduce production for the RAV4 Prime if the demand falls.

Buying Used

With the current RAV4 Prime availability, the chances of getting a new one are limited. For now, it might be better to focus on finding a used model. Demand is high, so don’t expect used RAV4 Prime models to sit on the used market for long.

When it comes to buying a used hybrid vehicle, here are a few tips to make it easier.

  • Avoid high-mileage cars unless you are prepared to pay for mechanical failure
  • Price battery replacement before purchasing a used hybrid
  • Look through service records to ensure the vehicle was well cared for
  • Check the vehicle history report to ensure there have been no accidents
  • Take a test drive and try out everything
  • Be prepared to pay more for what you want

While thinking about price, you can expect to spend a good amount on a used RAV4 Prime. Models that are on the used market with fewer than 10,000 miles are selling for $5,000 to $10,000 more than the original MSRP.

With this in mind, it may not be worth it to buy a used RAV4 Prime until some of the hype wears off.


Frequently Asked Questions

The RAV4 Prime is hard to get because demand is high and supply chain issues have negatively impacted the production of the vehicle.

It’s difficult to determine when the RAV4 Prime will be available. I expect demand will drop for the Prime when Toyota releases the bZ4X, which may result in more RAV4 Prime available on the market.

The waiting list for the RAV4 Prime is anywhere from 5 to 24 months based on the 29 Toyota dealerships that I spoke to.

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Is It Worth the Wait?

Reading the RAV4 Prime availability can seem discouraging, but it only reminds me how popular this plug-in hybrid is. In my opinion, there are plenty of reasons so many people are excited about this car, so it’s understandable that people are lining up to receive one.

As more information becomes available regarding the RAV4 Prime production, I will update my post. Until then, feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

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  1. Shane Simpson says:

    My dealership has just been allocated a 2023 RAV4 Prime. It’s available and should be here in Shreveport LA in April. In case anyone is interested. Will have color, trim level available in a few days.

  2. The RAV4 Prime unavailability and dealer markups are just the tip of a poorly run company, regardless of the continued COVID and supply chain excuses that management continues to trot out to the public. I don’t care if the RAV4 Prime is the greatest car in the world, if you can’t provide one in a timely fashion and not above MSRP, I’ll move on to other options.

    1. RAV4 Resource says:

      I agree that most consumers should move on. Not only is this generally a better financial decision for the consumer, but it also shows Toyota that customers are not willing to put up with the situation which will force them to change.

  3. Marsha Walters says:

    I got so lucky. I went to one dealership, told them I wanted a RAV4 Prime. They started asking why I needed this car. I walked out. Went to a different dealership and ended up purchasing just what I wanted, fully loaded, sonic red with a black top. It’s so nice!