Toyota RAV4 Ash Interior

Before customizing a new SUV, it’s important to know what interior options are available.

The Toyota RAV4 Ash interior is one worth looking at and it tends to be a popular choice.

In this guide, I show you some pictures of the Ash interior for RAV4 models. I also explain what trim levels it’s available with.

toyota rav4 ash interior front seats overview


The Toyota RAV4 Ash interior provides a perfect complement to your SUV’s style. One look at the following pictures reveals its impressive appearance.


The Ash interior provides a gray-like appearance, but it’s not boring and drab. It still provides an upscale look that has a more dynamic style than a simple black interior. Plus, it’s cooler and it appears to create more space when compared with other interior colors.

As far as cleaning is concerned, it can be more difficult to keep the Ash interior in good condition because of the light color. Yet, most owners find that regular maintenance is all that’s needed to keep this interior color looking clean, especially when choosing the SofTex (synthetic leather) material.


Toyota RAV4 models are available with either a fabric or SofTex interior. The SofTex interior is synthetic leather that offers many benefits. To learn more about this unique option, read my guide on why SofTex is better than real leather.

For now, the Ash interior is available with three RAV4 trim levels. Here are the options.

  • XLE (Fabric)
  • XLE Premium (SofTex)
  • Limited (SofTex)

The XLE Premium and Limited trims are more upscale trim levels, so these models also include more technology and features than the XLE trim.

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The Toyota RAV4 Ash interior provides a cooler environment with plenty of style. Because it’s available with three trim levels, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get your hands on.

Head to your local Toyota dealership to see the Ash interior in person. Compare it with the other RAV4 interior colors to see which one suits you best.

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