Toyota RAV4 Black Interior

Trying to choose between RAV4 interior colors?

As with most vehicles, it’s simple to choose the Toyota RAV4 black interior if you desire a classic style. Black car interiors are compatible with all exterior colors, making this one of the most popular options.

In this post, I show you exactly what to expect from a RAV4 black interior.

toyota rav4 black softex interior front seats


Take a look at the appearance of the black interior of the Toyota RAV4. See the contrast of the black and how it complements the various features of the RAV4 cabin.


There are few things as timeless and classic as a black vehicle interior. The black interior color provides an elegant and upscale look, especially when paired with synthetic leather.

The downside to a black interior is the heat it attracts. Black absorbs all parts of the light spectrum, turning all of the energy into heat. Fabric material can help minimize the heat issue, but synthetic leather is still susceptible. For this reason, a black car interior feels much warmer than lighter colors.

With proper care over the years, a black interior will remain in good shape, which will help maintain appearance and resale value for many years to come.


The black RAV4 interior comes with either fabric or SofTex to make up the seat material. The SofTex interior is constructed with synthetic leather that offers countless benefits. To learn more about this synthetic leather material, read my guide on why SofTex is better than real leather.  Fabric is also a popular option for many trim levels.

As of 2023, black is one of the most widely available choices of interior color. It is available in the following RAV4 trims:

  • LE (Fabric)
  • XLE (Fabric)
  • XLE Premium (SofTex)
  • SE (Fabric)
  • Limited (SofTex)
  • Woodland Edition (Fabric)
  • Adventure (SofTex)
  • TRD Off-Road (SofTex)
  • Prime SE (Fabric)
  • Prime XSE (Fabric, Mixed Media)

The difference among these trims is whether the black interior is made of a fabric upholstery or SofTex (synthetic leather) material. The Prime XSE also offers a “Mixed Media” black, which means the seats are made up of both fabric and SofTex.

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If you dream of a sleek, eye-catching interior, black is always a solid choice. The RAV4 offers black in both fabric, synthetic leather, and mixed media, so there are several options that will appeal to your eye.

To see the Black interior in person, head to your local Toyota dealership. You can compare it alongside other options to see which you prefer.

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