Toyota RAV4 Bolt Pattern

Fitting new wheels to your RAV4 can be confusing because of all the various wheel measurements that exist.

One of the most crucial wheel measurements is the bolt pattern. If you get this wrong, there’s no chance that the wheel will attach to the car.

In this quick guide, we explain what the RAV4’s bolt pattern is and what it means so you can be sure that your new wheels will fit properly.

rav4 wheel lugs exposed

Bolt Pattern Specification

The Toyota RAV4 bolt pattern is 5×4.5 inches (imperial) or 5×114.3 millimeters (metric) for all model years.

Defining Bolt Patterns

A bolt pattern, also known as the lug pattern, is the primary criterion that will determine whether a wheel will fit your car. It’s the layout of the mounting holes at the center of a wheel.

The first number in a bolt pattern indicates the number of bolt holes in the wheel. For the RAV4, this is 5.

The bolt holes form a circle around the center of the wheel. This circle, measured as diameter, is the second number that is designated either in inches or millimeters. On the RAV4, this is 4.5 inches or 114.3 millimeters.

This means the 5 bolt holes form a circle, 4.5 inches (114.3 millimeters) in diameter.

On a 5-lug wheel, this can be measured from the top of a bolt hole to the middle of the bolt hole across from it, as seen below.

Pay attention to the last millimeter! You want to make sure you are measuring this accurately.

The bolt patterns of 5×4.5 (5×114.3mm) and 5x115mm are within a millimeter of each other, however, they are still considered different.

This half of a millimeter makes all the difference. You’ll be able to fit the smaller (5×114.3mm) wheel onto the larger bolt pattern (5x115mm) car. However, it will not fit correctly, even if it appears to initially. The lug studs won’t be centered in the wheel’s lug holes. When the lug nuts are torqued on, the poor centering will bend the studs and cause your wheels to vibrate.

We recommend looking closely when buying new wheels to ensure it matches your exact bolt pattern.

Why It’s Important

Simply put, the bolt pattern is important when you need new wheels for your RAV4. To ensure the proper fit, you must purchase a wheel with an identical bolt pattern.

Bolt patterns can be easier to determine for some cars than others. For example, a 4-lug wheel is much easier to measure than a 5-lug wheel. With a 4-lug, you can measure from the center of one opening straight to another.

When you have an odd number pattern like a 5×4.5, it gets a bit more tricky. To ensure you get the proper measurement, consult a bolt pattern guide, or get a bolt pattern gauge.

Fortunately, most retailers will know the proper bolt pattern for your car. If you’re taking your RAV4 to a mechanic or Toyota dealer, you won’t need to know the bolt pattern off the top of your head.

However, if you’re doing any DIY service on your car, then knowing your RAV4 bolt pattern will ensure you get the right size part.

The Bottom Line

The bolt pattern is what you need to know when you’re determining if a wheel will properly fit your car.

The RAV4 bolt pattern is 5×4.5 inches (imperial) or 5×114.3 millimeters (metric).

Finding a wheel with the exact bolt pattern is essential for fitment. Even if a wheel measurement is only a millimeter different than the spec, it won’t fit.

Have any other questions about bolt patterns? Leave them in the comments below!

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