Toyota RAV4 Mocha Interior Photos & Availability (2023)

When it comes time to find a new vehicle, one of the biggest choices left to make is what interior to choose. The Toyota RAV4 Mocha interior isn’t one many people are used to seeing, but it’s classy and desirable.

With the 2023 Toyota RAV4 models, you gain an updated infotainment system with a larger touch screen. It’s still known as being one of the Toyota SUVs with a potent powertrain and sensational fuel economy numbers. Furthermore, the cabin provides tons of interior room and a spacious cargo area.

In this guide, I help you understand what the Mocha interior of the Toyota RAV4 offers. I also look at the benefits of this color and which trims it is available on.

Mocha Interior Photos on the Toyota RAV4

Get a glimpse of the Mocha interior in the Toyota RAV4. With the contrasting colors in play, it offers a unique environment that remains highly coveted.

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What Does the Mocha Interior Look Like?

Mocha isn’t a typical one-tone interior color. Instead, it offers a unique balance of colors that pair perfectly together. The seats are trimmed with a dark mocha color, with a light taupe coloring the center of the seats. It also contains eye-catching orange accents for even more fun.

The Mocha interior provides some of the benefits seen by multiple colors. For example, the lighter color helps to keep the cabin temperature to a minimum. On the other hand, the darker hue provides a luxurious, upscale appearance.

The Mocha interior isn’t as available as many of the other choices. For this reason, SUVs with the Mocha interior can fetch a higher selling price if the SofTex is well cared for.

Which RAV4 Trims Are Available With a Mocha Interior?

There’s only one RAV4 trim that offers a Mocha interior. It also only comes with the SofTex material. There’s no way to get Mocha with a fabric interior.

The Toyota RAV4 Adventure is the only RAV4 trim that comes with a Mocha interior. It is only available in SofTex material (synthetic leather).

RAV4 Adventure models have some equipment that’s not found with other trims. For example, this RAV4 includes the basic XLE features but also adds an auxiliary engine oil color, large 19” wheels, and LED fog lights. The off-road drive modes further enhance the ride.


Create a Unique RAV4 With a Mocha Interior

When you choose Mocha for your RAV4 interior, you can know that your vehicle is more special than other RAV4s on the road since this color is rare. Between the Adventure trim, the unique color scheme, and your aftermarket accessories, it’s easy to reflect your personal style.

Check out how the Mocha interior looks when you visit a local Toyota dealership. It may not be easy to find, but it’s worth every minute you spend searching.

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