Toyota RAV4 Nutmeg Interior

With the Toyota RAV4, you don’t need to settle for a plain black interior.

The upscale Nutmeg color provides all the style you hope for. I give you a closer look at the Toyota RAV4 Nutmeg interior in this article so you know what to expect.

Not only will I show you some in-depth pictures, but I also outline what trim levels you can find this classy interior with.

toyota rav4 nutmeg interior dashboard


It doesn’t take long to recognize how different the Toyota RAV4 Nutmeg interior is. Instead of having a boring, plain interior, the RAV4 stands out and allows for a unique experience.

Examine these Nutmeg interior photos showing different angles of the interior to get an immersive feel for the cabin’s style. Look at how the Nutmeg color perfectly accents the rest of the RAV4 interior.


The Toyota Nutmeg interior provides the perfect break from the standard black or gray interior. It’s classy and designed to be upscale. This Nutmeg color offers a luxurious feel for your RAV4 model, accenting the rest of the cabin.

At first glance, it could appear that the Nutmeg color is a tan hue, but there’s so much more to see. This unique color brings depth and dimension to the cabin of the RAV4.

To make it even more enjoyable, consider adding the DashMat and Weathertech floor liners in matching colors. It’s a combination that can’t be beaten.


The Toyota RAV4 Nutmeg interior is available with a variety of trim levels, so it’s important to know which ones should be chosen. Not only does the trim level matter, but Nutmeg can also be available with a fabric or SofTex interior, depending on the model.

Here are the trim levels that are available in the Nutmeg interior color:

  • Limited (SofTex)
  • Hybrid XLE Premium (SofTex)
  • XLE Premium (SofTex)
  • Hybrid XLE (Fabric)
  • XLE (Fabric)
  • LE (Fabric)
  • Hybrid LE (Fabric)

What’s the difference between the Nutmeg fabric and SofTex? Both have the same unique hue, but the SofTex provides an even more luxurious feel. Not only is the appearance more elegant, but SofTex has its own advantages.

Consider these benefits of SofTex:

  • Soft feel
  • Easy to clean and protect
  • Doesn’t crack and fade easily
  • Prevents stains
  • Provides some temperature regulation
  • Durable and long-lasting

To learn about all of the SofTex advantages, read my article: Here’s Why Toyota’s SofTex Is Better Than Real Leather.

What Do You Think?

Nutmeg isn’t the only interior color available with the RAV4. Toyota also provides standard black and gray options if the conventional look is what’s desired. There’s also a Mocha SofTex option if you want something else unique.

The Toyota RAV4 Nutmeg offers exceptional availability in either fabric or SofTex options. It’s easier to customize the interior with this color, especially with the available matching accessories. If in doubt, the best way to make up your mind is to head to a local dealership and see the interior colors in person.

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  1. Every time I have done a “build” on the Toyota site for the RAV4 Prime (I’m in Oregon), whatever the model, even the top of the line XSE, the ONLY interior color available is black. I hate it. I don’t want to get into a black hole every time I get into a nearly $50,000 compact SUV. Nutmeg is not one of the choices. When I bought my 2018 Camry hybrid, I had to search nationwide to get the exterior color I wanted with a tan interior — I finally found it in Billings, Montana. I live in Oregon — dealers here could not get this color combination for me, and they tried for a month. Dealers told me that Toyota regulates which colors are allowed in different regions of the US. Control freaks! Where did you find this Nutmeg interior color? I simply will not buy this car if black is the only interior color available. It’s an insult from Toyota.

    1. Jonathan Buckley says:

      Hi William,

      It’s unfortunate that Toyota does this. For some reason, they tend to stick with black on their more special models/trims, such as the Prime, Woodland Edition, and TRD Off-Road.

      The most colorful you’ll get with the Prime XSE is the black mixed media seats with red stitching. This is a mix of fabric and SofTex (synthetic leather), with red accents. Here’s my article about all the interior colors available on the 2023 RAV4 Prime:

      If you want a Hybrid that has similar features to the Prime, I would recommend the RAV4 Hybrid XLE Premium (nutmeg SofTex) or the RAV4 Hybrid XLE (nutmeg fabric).

    2. Thank goodness someone else feels the same way. I thought it was me. I did not want the black interior either. I wanted black exterior and nutmeg interior (soft-tex). I do not understand why Toyota offers a wide variety of exterior colors and the choices interior, but then the customer has a hard time finding the combination they actually want. Black and nutmeg are beautiful combinations which I thought would be popular and available, but not so. When you find one, it is snatched up quickly or a dealer may get 1-2. I was able to order one thru a dealership, but will not be available until Jun-July.

      1. Michael Brown says:

        As the others have said, I will NOT buy a Toyota, if they insist on forcing you into a BLACK interior vehicle.
        I live in FLORIDA and duh, its beyond HOT here, most of the year, even winter with the windows closed.