Toyota RAV4 Prime Towing Guide

What is the Toyota RAV4 Prime towing capacity? Can you even tow anything with this hybrid SUV? These are questions that need to be answered before attempting to tow with the RAV4 Prime.

In this complete Toyota RAV4 Prime towing guide, I talk about capacity, showing you what can be towed with this plug-in hybrid SUV. I also discuss what preparations must be taken to tow with the Toyota RAV4 Prime.

toyota rav4 prime towing

Towing Capacity

As the maker of the RAV4 Prime, Toyota knows what its capable of and how much can be towed. It’s never wise to exceed the towing capacity of the vehicle. It can be dangerous.

Not only is it dangerous, but the components of the car face increased wear, such as the tires, engine, transmission, and frame of the vehicle.  

The Toyota RAV4 Prime can tow up to 2,500 pounds. This is more than most RAV4s, but not as much as the RAV4 Adventure and TRD Off-road. The Prime produces more power and has other components that allow for an increased towing capacity.

Towing Examples

When towing something behind the RAV4 Prime, it’s essential to think about the total weight being pulled. It’s not enough to factor in the weight of the equipment itself, but also anything added.

For example, to tow a boat, consideration must also be given to the weight of the fuel in the tank. There is also the weight of the life jackets, gear, food and the boat trailer to add in. For this reason, it’s not wise to choose a boat that comes close to the towing capacity on its own.

Here are a few examples of what can be towed with a 2,500-pound capacity.

  • Small aluminum and fiberglass boats
  • Small, ultra-lightweight travel trailers
  • Many pop-up campers
  • Small utility trailers
  • Motorcycle
  • Two Jetskis
  • Bumper pull horse trailer with one horse
  • 17-foot camper or smaller (depending on what equipment is onboard)
  • Four kayaks and a trailer

If ever in doubt, it’s best to look at the weight of the equipment. With a trailer, you can find this information by looking at the VIN sticker on the frame. Additionally, scales can be used at truck stops to figure out what the towing equipment weighs.

Is It Ready for Towing Out-Of-The-Box?

toyota rav4 prime blueprint color rear

Some vehicles come straight from the factory, ready for towing. That’s not the case with the Toyota RAV4 Prime. It doesn’t roll out of the factory ready for towing.

Because the RAV4 Prime doesn’t come standard with a hitch, towing isn’t possible right away. However, installing a hitch isn’t a big deal and there are several options to get the job done.

Getting a Hitch Installed

With the Toyota RAV4 Prime arriving without a hitch, it’s important to evaluate the ways to get one installed. Several options exist to get a hitch installed. Choose a budget-friendly solution that you can install yourself or opt to trust the professionals instead.

Here are three ways I recommend to get a hitch installed, depending on your skill level.

1. Install a Hitch Yourself

With some basic mechanical expertise, it’s not difficult to install a hitch. The first step is to find a high-quality hitch that works with the RAV4 Prime. Many owners recommend the Torklift EcoHitch because of how easy it is to install. It’s also an affordable option when compared with an OEM hitch.

To install a trailer hitch, follow these simple steps.

  1. Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  2. Gather any tools listed in the instructions. At a minimum, you need a shop light, ratchet and socket set. It also helps to have a torque wrench, safety glasses and work gloves.
  3. Park on level ground and chock the front wheels.
  4. Jack up the rear of the vehicle to create more room.
  5. Set up the work light for better visibility.
  6. Position the hitch in place and bolt it on according to the directions.
  7. Tighten up all of the bolts to the manufacturer’s specifications.

If these steps seem too difficult or you don’t have experience working on vehicles, it’s best to choose another option.


2. Visit a U-Haul Hitch Installer

While U-Haul might be known for providing moving trailers and trucks, it’s also possible to have the company install a hitch. Currently, the provider has more than 1,500 locations available for hitch installations.

To get started, you fill out a form with your vehicle information. U-Haul tells you what trailer hitches and towing accessories are available. The company relies on some of the top brands in the industry, such as Curt, Hidden Hitch and REESE.

U-Haul also provides hitch balls, trailer accessories, wiring and ball mounts. Anything needed to tow is available through U-Haul.

There’s even an option to add a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. The extensive warranty coverage goes beyond most independent installers. This warranty protects against corrosion, accidents, overloading and more. If wiring is a concern, add the two-year warranty dedicated just to these parts.


3. Visit a Toyota Dealer

To ensure warranty coverage, it’s often best to visit a local Toyota dealership. Yes, this is the most expensive option of the choices, but can be worth the cost.

When using a Toyota dealer for hitch installation, genuine parts are always used. With Toyota parts, there’s no question about the fit or capability. Additionally, dealership technicians are certified to work on the RAV4 Prime. Because of this certification, the installation is also guaranteed.

With a vast amount of towing parts available, the technicians know exactly what’s needed. You don’t need to figure out what’s best or try to choose a hitch that will work. All of that is taken care of for you, giving you more time to focus on other priorities.



By understanding the maximum RAV4 Prime towing capacity, you know what this plug-in hybrid SUV is capable of. Whether an adventure awaits or it’s time to move some furniture, it’s clear what the RAV4 Prime handles.

Although a 2,500-pound towing capacity is not comparable to a truck, so many things can still be accomplished. While the primary reason for owning a RAV4 Prime might be for the efficiency and style, the towing capabilities may be a surprising bonus. Unleash the power of the Toyota RAV4 Prime and start going places.

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  1. Andy Campbell says:

    I am waiting for a new Rav 4 Prime and I am driving a 2023 Rav 4 Limited with the tech options. I have a trailer hitch installed to carry our two E-bikes. My rack is a Thule Easyfold XT.
    To back up, with the bikes installed, the Park Assist and the Cross traffic alert system slam the brakes!! The sensors recognize the bikes in close proximity and apply the brakes.
    You can turn off the two safety systems, however, when you power on the vehicle on your next leg of travel, these two systems revert back to normal and you have to take them off line again.
    Q? Is there a way to turn off the systems for a few days and turn them back on when required?
    Rav 4 and E bike enthousiast.

    1. RAV4 Resource says:

      Hi Andy,

      From my research, I did not find a way to turn it off permanently.