To enhance the ability of your RAV4, it’s important to have as many tech features as possible. One highly coveted feature is wireless Android Auto, but it’s not standard with every Toyota RAV4.

In this guide, I cover how to convert to wireless Android Auto and show you what adapter to use. I also discuss which RAV4 models already have wireless Android Auto included.

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What Is Wireless Android Auto?

Android Auto connects a compatible device directly to the head unit in the RAV4 using wireless technology.

Your compatible android device will automatically connect to the vehicle when it is turned on. Once connected, Android Auto allows you to use Google Assistant, maps, and phone features without your hands.


When Did Wireless Android Auto Become Available on the Toyota RAV4?

Android Auto became a feature in the RAV4 starting with the 2019 model year. With the 2019-2022 Toyota RAV4, Android Auto is included, but it isn’t wireless.

Starting with the 2023 Toyota RAV4, wireless Android Auto is provided as a standard feature, so there’s nothing you need to do to enable wireless functionality for this model year.

Which RAV4s Have Wireless Android Auto?

Wireless Android Auto is only available on the 2023 Toyota RAV4. Models earlier than this don’t include his feature wirelessly.

All 2023 Toyota RAV4 trim levels include wireless Android Auto, so there’s no reason to upgrade to a higher trim level just to receive this capability.

Even if you don’t have a 2023 RAV4, it’s still possible to get wireless Android Auto. The only difference with older models is that some modifications are required. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Convert to Wireless Android Auto

Having a 2023 RAV4 isn’t a requirement to get wireless Android Auto. There are options available for both the 2019-2022 and 2013-2018 Toyota RAV4 models.

With the 2019 to 2022 Toyota RAV4, a wireless adapter is required. Because the 2013 to 2018 RAV4s don’t have Android Auto at all, an aftermarket stereo is needed.

2019-2022 Toyota RAV4

With the 2019-2022 Toyota RAV4, Android Auto is already included, but it’s not wireless. With an adapter, it doesn’t take too much work to change the functionality.

Consider these benefits of using an aftermarket adapter:

  • Your Android device doesn’t need to be connected with a cable
  • The Android phone can stay anywhere, such as in your purse or pocket
  • Connection occurs automatically, so no fiddling is needed after the initial installation

The adapter offers a lot of advantages, but it’s important that the downsides are also examined. Consider these cons:

  • Connection of the Android device takes a few seconds each time
  • There is an additional cost for the adapter or upgraded stereo system

In the grand scheme of things, the pros far outweigh the cons. For most people, it makes sense to purchase a wireless Android Auto adapter for their RAV4.

Toyota RAV4 Wireless Android Auto Adapter

The Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Adapter offers one of the easiest ways to connect compatible devices.

The 5 GHz connection provides seamless operation for an enjoyable drive. Not only is this device lightweight for simple portability, but it also includes a gel pad to keep the device in place. One look at the stellar reviews is all that’s needed to instill confidence in this product.

2013-2018 Toyota RAV4

If you drive a 2018 or older Toyota RAV4, an adapter won’t work because Android Auto isn’t included. The only way to increase the capability is to upgrade to an aftermarket stereo system.

With so many aftermarket stereos to choose from, the hardest part is figuring out which one to pick. There are cheap options available, but they might be low-quality and lack features.

To save you time, I’ve already done the research.

With this 10.2” ViaBecs Car Stereo, you gain wireless Android Auto functionality with your 2013-2018 RAV4. The plug-and-play wiring harness makes it easier to connect, even if you don’t have a lot of installation experience. Play your favorite tunes, make phone calls and check the latest texts with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all 2023 Toyota RAV4 models come standard with wireless Android Auto. Even if you opt for the base RAV4 model, it includes wireless Android Auto. 2019-2022 RAV4s include Android Auto without wireless capability. Earlier RAV4s don’t provide either option.

The first time, you must connect your compatible device to your vehicle. Once the phone has established a connection through the settings, it should automatically pair every time you get into the RAV4.

If you have a 2023 Toyota RAV4, it automatically includes wireless Android Auto. 2019-2022 Toyota RAV4 models require an aftermarket adapter to initiate a connection. Older models can only be connected with an aftermarket stereo system that supports wireless Android Auto.

Improve RAV4 Functionality with Wireless Android Auto

With the 2023 Toyota RAV4, there’s nothing more to think about since wireless Android Auto is standard. All other models require some upgrades to make the connection happen.

If you desire to use your phone hands-free while driving, this wireless technology is perfect for you. It also allows you to listen to music, catch up on podcasts, or use map functionality while on the go. Upgrade with wireless Android Auto to see how much more enjoyable your ride becomes.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.
Thank you for supporting my website.


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  1. Richard Price says:

    I have a 2022 RAV4 Prime and it came with Android Auto. It was easy to setup, and I can make and receive hands-free phone calls and use other features too. Additionally, it’s easy to pair a Bluetooth device with the car, which allows me to listen to audiobooks while I’m driving. I don’t see why I would need a third-party “adaptor”.

    1. Although you can connect using bluetooth, you can’t use Android Auto wirelessly on a 2022 RAV4.

      Android Auto gives you access to Google Maps and other apps directly on the multimedia screen, which bluetooth can’t do. For example, you can browse your audiobooks and music directly on the multimedia screen without having to use your phone while driving.

      People find it very useful.