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Targeted Audience

Our audience is specifically interested in the RAV4 and other compact SUVs. Our content is highly-relevant to this topic which is a great match for your brand.

High Buyer Intent

Our readers consist of current and soon-to-be RAV4 owners with high purchase intent. Many readers are active automotive shoppers or looking to enhance their ownership experience with additional products and services.

High-Quality Traffic

With 87% of traffic coming from the USA, Canada, and Australia through 87% organic search, our readers are engaged and very interested in our topics.

Key Statistics

Here are the most recent key statistics about the RAV4 Resource audience.

rav4 resource home page

162k Monthly Views

from our dedicated RAV4-enthusiast readers.

76% USA Traffic

followed by 10% Canada and 3% Australia.

70% Organic Search Traffic

with high buying intent.

5,000+ Newsletter Subscribers

with a 52% weekly open rate.

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