Backup Camera Not Working in Your Toyota RAV4? Here’s Why.

One of the best safety features of today’s RAV4 models is the backup camera. With this safety technology, it’s simple to see what’s behind your vehicle before backing up. So, what do you do when the Toyota RAV4 backup camera is not working?

While it doesn’t seem to be a major issue, some drivers have reported trouble with the RAV4 backup camera. For this reason, I outline some of the most common complaints and explain what to do about them.

rav4 backup camera

Common Problems

While you should never rely on a backup camera to tell you the coast is clear, it is a helpful feature. That’s why it’s so frustrating when the screen doesn’t operate as it should. If you’ve grown accustomed to using the screen before backing up, it can be a real challenge to adjust your habits when there’s a problem.

Here are the three most reported backup camera problems with Toyota RAV4 models.

1. Blue Screen

When putting the RAV4 into Reverse, the last thing you expect to see is a blue screen. Yet, the RAV4 backup camera blue screen shows to some drivers when there’s a failure.

The majority of blue screens are caused by a faulty video feed. When the backup camera doesn’t receive the video feed, the screen turns blue. To fix this, you may need to have the faulty camera repaired or replaced.

2. Yellow Guidelines Not Showing

Some RAV4 models include yellow dynamic guidelines that help you get into parking spaces with ease. These guidelines move as the wheel turns to indicate the path your vehicle is going to take.

If the yellow guidelines disappear, a disconnected battery could be to blame. Otherwise, another electrical fault is the problem. Here’s a great video that illustrates what to try when the Toyota backup camera grid lines are not showing.

Here’s a list of the steps outlined during the video.

  1. While the vehicle is turned on, enter the Service Menu by holding the “Audio” button at the same time that you turn the headlights on and off three times
  2. Press “Function Check/Setting”
  3. Press “Camera Setting”
  4. Hold down “Steering Angle Setting”
  5. Press “Next”
  6. Center the steering wheel and press “Steering Center Memorize”
  7. Move the steering wheel all the way to the right and all the way to the left
  8. Press “Max Steering Angle Memorize”
  9. Press “Back” button
  10. Turn off the RAV4
  11. Wait a few seconds and restart the vehicle

By now, the guidelines may have reappeared. If not, contact your Toyota dealer.


3. Camera Not Engaging

Probably the most alarming issue is when the RAV4 backup camera doesn’t engage at all. When you put your vehicle into Reverse, nothing happens with the screen. It either remains the same or there are a few flashes, but you don’t get the display.

With the camera disengaged, there’s likely a wiring issue. Either something is connected wrong with the backup camera or there’s a blown fuse. You can check the fuse box and replace one that’s blown to see if that resolves the problem.

Possible causes

With the Toyota RAV4 backup camera not working, there are several issues that could be to blame. Only a complete diagnosis reveals the root of the issue, but here are some possibilities.

    • Dead/dying car battery
    • Blown fuse
    • Poor electrical connection
    • Malfunctioning camera
    • Damaged connector – part of Toyota recall

If the RAV4 was recently in an accident, the damage could cause electrical problems. Have it inspected by a professional to determine the appropriate fix.


How to Fix

Unless you are well-versed in automotive electrical systems, it’s best to leave the repair to a professional. These systems are complicated and a small misstep can lead to bigger repairs.

For this reason, I advise readers to visit a professional mechanic or Toyota dealership for additional support. It shouldn’t take a qualified technician more than an hour to diagnose the problem.

To be sure you don’t overpay for the repair, ask for a detailed quote before anything is fixed.


While you have the ability to see what’s behind the RAV4 by turning your head, there’s nothing quite as convenient as the backup camera. When this innovative technology doesn’t work as it should, parking becomes frustrating.

Now that you know the possible causes and fixes for the RAV4 backup camera problems, it’s time to have it repaired. There’s no better time to ensure the view behind you is clear once again.

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