Toyota RAV4 Manufacturing Locations: A Detailed Look

Have you ever wondered where the Toyota RAV4 is made? With several Toyota RAV4 manufacturing locations around the world, it isn’t always easy figuring out where your SUV came from.

In this guide, I show you the available manufacturing locations for the Toyota RAV4. I also illustrate how to figure out where your RAV4 was built.

toyota rav4 manufacturing locations
toyota rav4 manufacturing locations
toyota headquarters north america

Non-Hybrid Manufacturing Locations

The gas-powered RAV4 is built in three different locations.

  • Takaoka Plant (Japan)
  • Woodstock, Ontario (Canada)
  • Changchun Branch (China)

As of right now, this RAV4 model is not built in the United States. 


Hybrid Manufacturing Locations

The hybrid RAV4 models are built in four different locations.

  • Takaoka Plant (Japan)
  • Woodstock, Ontario (Canada)
  • Georgetown, Kentucky (United States)
  • Changchun Branch (China)

Since 2019, the Kentucky plant has manufactured more than 2/3 of the hybrids. There are also many assembled in Canada. 


Prime Manufacturing Locations

The plug-in Prime RAV4 models are built in two different locations.

  • Takaoka Plant (Japan)
  • Changchun Branch (China)

For now, the Prime model is also not constructed in the United States.


How to Tell Where Your RAV4 Was Built

The easiest way to tell where your Toyota RAV4 was built is by discerning the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The VIN can be found on the driver’s side door. A sticker shows the 17-digit code used to identify every vehicle, much like a social security number is used for people.

You can also find the VIN on the dashboard, near the windshield on the driver’s side.

The first digit of the VIN identifies where the RAV4 was built. Here are the options:

  • L: China
  • J: Japan
  • 2: Canada
  • 1, 4, or 5: United States
  • X0-X3: Russia (production ended in this country in 2022)


Impacts of RAV4 Production Location on Vehicle Quality

Does the quality of the RAV4 suffer if it’s built in one location over another? The quick answer is that it shouldn’t. Toyota implements the same processes and procedures for every location, creating uniformity.

With that said, some enthusiasts have speculated that the RAV4 models built in Japan are of better quality. The argument is that the Japanese work ethic is higher and the country has better parts. Yet, this speculation is unfounded. 

I do see a difference in pricing based on where the RAV4 is built. The cheapest RAV4s are in Canada, followed by Australia. From there, the United States is next in line, with the most expensive built in Japan. However, this seems to have more to do with local economic factors than how the RAV4 is built. 

Upcoming Manufacturing Plants

toyota headquarters

Toyota doesn’t remain stagnant and is constantly changing operations to better suit the company and consumers. As an example, Toyota closed its Russian plant, located in St. Petersburg, in 2022. Toyota felt that the shortages of key components after the invasion of Ukraine would be too disruptive for business. (Europe Auto News)

Following the close of this plant, two significant updates have been made. 

First, the newest North American facility (Toyota Battery Manufacturing North Carolina) will begin producing lithium-ion batteries in 2025. These batteries will be used in Toyota hybrid electric vehicles and BEVs. (Toyota)

Secondly, Toyota Kentucky announced in 2022 that there would be expanded flexibility in the four-cylinder engine lineup. This powertrain facility produces up to 600,000 units a year, hoping to better position itself to meet customer demands in the coming years. (Toyota Pressroom)

Toyota also plans to increase production overall. For 2023, the automaker projects a production volume of up to 10.6 million units. The only problem still holding the company back is the parts supply shortages, with an uncertain future for semiconductor production. 

What you may not know about the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Kentucky is that it’s the largest in the world. Toyota broke ground on this plant in 1986, and it started producing the Camry in 1988. Since then, more than 13 million vehicles have come from those assembly lines. 

History of Manufacturing Locations

Over the years, a lot has changed with RAV4 production. Toyota has made changes throughout the years based on what is most efficient and cost-saving. While all RAV4s are designed in Japan, there are several factories located throughout the world that have been responsible for manufacturing.

The United States is only one of the four current countries responsible for assembling the RAV4. Let’s dive deeper into each generation, so you can see the changes that have been made.

  • 1st generation RAV4: Models made between 1994 and 2000 were manufactured exclusively in China and Japan. They were put together at the Zhuhai and Guangdong plants in China and the Motomachi and Tahara factories in Japan.
  • 2nd generation RAV4: Models made between 2001 and 2005 were exclusively manufactured at Nakagusa & Tahara plants in Japan.
  • 3rd generation RAV4: Models made between 2005 and 2012 resumed manufacturing in China. Production resumed at the Changchun factory. Additionally, models were also manufactured at the Ontario assembly plant located in Canada. 
  • 4th generation RAV4: Models made between 2013 and 2018 were manufactured in China, Japan, or Canada. Additionally, starting in August 2016, manufacturing also began in Russia. These models produced in Canada had 50% of the parts supplied from Japan. 
  • 5th generation RAV4: Model years 2019 until now have also been manufactured at the Georgetown factory in Kentucky. However, Russian manufacturing was discontinued in 2022. 

Throughout these model years, the Toyota RAV4 has been known by different names, depending on where it is sold. While we have always known it as the RAV4 in North America, here are the names for it on roads overseas.

  • 2005-2016 Toyota Vanguard in Japan 
  • 2020-present Toyota Wildlander in China
  • 2020-present Suzuki Across in Europe

Even when the RAV4 is produced in a different country and has a unique name, the style, and overall construction remain the same. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Toyota is a Japanese company that was initially founded in 1937. For every model year of the RAV4, some production has occurred in Japan. Therefore, model years 1994 to the present could all have been produced in Japan. 

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid can be manufactured in Georgetown, Kentucky, which is in the United States. Otherwise, these models are made at the Takaoka Plant in Japan, Woodstock, Ontario (Canada), or the Changchun Branch in China. Toyota RAV4 Prime models are only made in Japan or China. 

If the first digit of the VIN is a “J,” it was produced in Japan. L stands for China, and the number 2 means it was produced in Canada. Otherwise, a 1, 4, or 5 indicates that it was built in the United States. 

Toyota RAV4 Models are Built Throughout the World

If you’ve ever wondered where your Toyota RAV4 was built, it’s not difficult to figure out. As a worldwide company, there are several plants located in some of the biggest countries.

Check your VIN with the key above to determine where your RAV4 comes from. You may be surprised to learn that your RAV4 has traveled from across the world. 

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