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Background and Experience:

Since he was in college in 2017, Jonathan has been developing his writing skills while nurturing a deep passion for cars. With an unwavering interest in the automotive industry, his enthusiasm only grew stronger when he became the proud owner of a brand new Toyota RAV4 LE in November 2021. As a first-time new car owner, he encountered a multitude of questions that served as the catalyst for the creation of RAV4 Resource. Motivated by his own curiosity and the desire to assist others, Jonathan embarked on a mission to establish a valuable resource for RAV4 owners and enthusiasts alike.

Jonathan’s Role at RAv4 Resource:

As Owner and Content Director of RAV4 Resource, Jonathan leads the team in planning and organizing exceptional content. With a passion for Toyota RAV4s, he ensures the blog delivers valuable articles, reviews, maintenance guides, and more. He also manages the RAV4 Resource Facebook group and assists RAV4 owners with their questions via email and comments.


Jonathan holds a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Business Administration with concentrations in finance, accounting, and project/operations management.

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