Cavalry Blue Toyota RAV4 (Photo Gallery & Availability)

The Cavalry Blue Toyota RAV4 is one that undoubtedly stands out in the crowd. It’s unlike most other colors, with its rich yet subtle blue-gray mixture. What makes this RAV4 color so popular, and what do others think of it?

These are questions we hope to answer for you. Plus, we’ve included a comprehensive photo gallery of the Cavalry Blue RAV4 so you know what to expect.

toyota rav4 in cavalry blue

Photo Gallery

If you plan to buy a RAV4, one of the most significant decisions you must make is the color you want the SUV to be. That’s why looking at the Cavalry Blue color from every angle is helpful. Picture this SUV in your driveway. 

Color Description

Personally, I think this is one of the most unique colors Toyota offers. Most automakers are happy to push black, gray, white, red, and a navy blue color, but few offer something that truly stands out in a crowd.

The Cavalry Blue is subtle yet eye-catching. It has a distinct undertone of gray in the mix but is also all blue. 

To make this unique color, the manufacturer applies the paint with a special clearcoat formula that truly makes it shine. Toyota did well, as this is one of the most popular shades offered with the RAV4.


The Cavalry Blue was first included with the 2022 RAV4 colors. Because of its popularity, it’s hard to imagine that Toyota plans to discontinue it any time soon. 

With the 2023 RAV4 lineup, Cavalry Blue can be added to these trim levels.

  • RAV4 TRD Off-Road (also available with an Ice Edge roof)
  • RAV4 Hybrid SE
  • RAV4 Hybrid XSE
  • RAV4 Hybrid Woodland Edition


What Consumers Are Saying

What do other people think of the Cavalry Blue color? Here are some online quotes worth reading.

“I LOVE my Cavalry Blue!! It feels adaptive, almost like it feels Sky Blue when it’s bright and kinda grey when it’s overcast.”
“I got a Cavalry Blue sight unseen (other than the website) and I get so many comments on how nice the color is. I didn’t want a shade of grey and the red didn’t do it for me…. I find myself checking it out when I walk by it from time to time.” 
“My decision process came down to 2 things: 1) the (lack of) availability of Cavalry, and more importantly in my opinion 2) it is a more ‘trendy’ and polarizing color. I don’t know how I’d personally feel about it in 5-8 years, which swayed me from it.”

Overall, it’s clear to see that people love this RAV4 color. Even that last comment made something pretty clear. User tpitch14 wasn’t able to get a RAV4 in Cavalry Blue, therefore, they chose the other option. Would the answer have been different if that RAV4 had been available? We think it might be a possibility. 

Other Blue Colors to Consider

You have another option if you aren’t fond of the Cavalry Blue or can’t get one at your local dealership. Select 2022 and 2023 RAV4 models are currently offered with Blueprint, which is the only other blue hue in the lineup. 

However, Blueprint is slightly different with its metallic paint and silver undercoating. It’s also much darker. On a bright note, Blueprint can be added to your RAV4 Prime. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The blue is muted slightly with the gray mixed in, so it’s not as bright as some others that have been offered in the past. Yet, Cavalry Blue still stands out among other car colors. 

It can be added to the RAV4 Hybrid SE, Hybrid XSE, and Hybrid Woodland Edition models. You can also choose it with your RAV4 TRD Off-Road, which can be paired with an Ice Edge roof.

No, Cavalry Blue is not considered a premium color. Therefore, you don’t need to pay extra to get it on your RAV4. 

Send in the Cavalry

Toyota designed Cavalry Blue to stand out, and it lives up to the expectation. If you are looking for something other than the norm, you may consider this unique blue hue on your RAV4.

On the other hand, if you want something a little darker and plainer, you may prefer Blueprint. It’s the only blue shade available with the RAV4 Prime models. 

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  1. Tim Mundreon says:

    I found the Calvary blue a little to dynamic myself. There are a few in our area ( Okanagan Valley B.C.) that I have seen in person. I have a Blueprint Blue XLE and have had many positive comments on it. Maybe I’m just an old conservative guy, but I really enjoy how the Blueprint Blue changes with different lighting.