Curious about the Toyota RAV4’s panoramic sunroof?

If you’ve ever seen a panoramic sunroof before, they’re quite impressive!

It provides a much more expansive view of the sky than a traditional sunroof design. The all-glass roof also provides an impressive exterior appearance as well.

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Panoramic vs. Standard RAV4 Sunroof

Toyota offers 2 different sunroof (or “moonroof”) options for the RAV4 which have substaintial differences between them.

In short, the panoramic sunroof covers a much larger area of the roof, while the standard sunroof is much smaller.

Exterior View

panoramic sunroof exterior highlighted
Panoramic sunroof
Image credit:
standard runroof exterior highlighted
Standard sunroof

As you can see from the highlighted areas, the panoramic sunroof is at least double the size of the standard RAV4 sunroof.

In my opinion, the overall appearance of the roof with the panoramic sunroof is much more appealing and sleek.

Interior View

panoramic sunroof interior
Panoramic sunroof
standard sunroof interior
Standard sunroof
Image credit:

The interior view of the panoramic vs. standard sunroofs are quite different, as expected because of there drastic size difference.

You’ll have a much greater viewable area with the panoramic roof, especially as a backseat passenger.

You should also be aware that the panoramic sunroof will not open completely along the whole pane of glass. Only the front section of the panoramic sunroof opens. However, the panoramic sunroof still opens slightly more than the standard sunroof.

One other small detail is that the material that covers the sunroof (when it is closed) is different between the panoramic and standard sunroof. The panoramic sunroof uses a lighter cloth material to cover the sunroof when closed, and the standard sunroof uses a thicker, more durable material.

RAV4 Trim levels That Have a Panoramic Sunroof

If you’re interested in purchasing a Toyota RAV4 with a panoramic sunroof, you’ll need to know which models can be equipped with it.

A panoramic sunroof is only available on the 2019+ Toyota RAV4 Gas Limited, Hybrid Limited, Hybrid Limited, and Prime XSE.

None of these trim levels come standard with the panoramic sunroof. You’ll need to get the highest-level of the “technology” package to have the panoramic sunroof.

Next, let’s talk about how much this will cost.

RAV4 Panoramic Sunroof Cost

As I mentioned earlier, the panoramic sunroof does not come standard on any RAV4. However, it is available as an option on certain trim levels.

To get a panoramic sunroof on your Toyota RAV4, you’ll need the highest-level of the technology package. This costs $2,500-3,500 depending on your trim level.

Yes, that’s expensive for a sunroof, but there’s a reason why!

The technology package includes much more than just the panoramic sunroof, which helps justify the cost. Depending on the trim level, the technology package may also include the following features in addition to the panoramic sunroof:

  • 360-degree overhead view monitoring
  • Weather package
  • Power liftgate
  • Smart key system
  • Premium audio

Although the panoramic sunroof is expensive, it comes with other features that may be very valuable to you!

RAV4 Panoramic Sunroof Problems

Although the panoramic sunroof looks great, you may be wondering if there are any issues that people experience with it.

There a two main problems that some people reported, however they are uncommon:

  1. Random shattering of the glass, specifically in 2021 models
  2. Water leakage

Again, keep in mind that these issues are uncommon. Personally, I would not worry about them.

Lastly, you should consider if a large glass sunroof could be an issue for your climate. If you live in an area with lots of sunshine and hot weather, having a fully transparent roof could make it difficult to keep your vehicle cool.

Is the RAV4’s Panoramic Sunroof Worth It?

It can be difficult to decide if a panoramic sunroof is actually worth adding to your RAV4. It offers a great view with minimal downside, but it can also be quite expensive.

To help you decide if a panoramic sunroof is worth it, answer the following questions:

  • Do you plan on using a roof rack? (It will obstruct your view)
  • Do you also want the other features that come with the technology package? (If not, then the price might not be worth it)
  • Will you actually use the sunroof? (Some owners leave it closed and never use it)

Finding a Toyota RAV4 With a Panoramic Sunroof

If you’ve decided you want a panoramic sunroof on your RAV4, don’t get excited yet!

Unfortunately, RAV4s that are equipped with a panoramic sunroof can be very hard to come by, especially when purchasing new.

According to a salesperson that I spoke with, Toyota simply isn’t manufacturing many RAV4s with this option. You may need to do a lot of searching and waiting to find a new RAV4 with a panoramic sunroof. This may also vary by location.

Luckily, you may have better chances searching for used RAV4s (2019 or newer). You’ll likely find a larger selection than what comes in at your local dealership.


The Toyota RAV4’s panoramic sunroof is quite an impressive add-on, so you should definitely consider it when shopping for a RAV4.

There are a lot of things to think about when determining if a panoramic sunroof is right for you. I hope this guide helped you make an informed decision.

If you have any other questions about the Toyota RAV4’s sunroof, feel free to contact me.

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