Toyota RAV4 Heated Seats (Availability, Cost, and More)

Nothing makes a chilly morning drive better than heated seats. This vital comfort feature is available with the RAV4. How much do Toyota RAV4 heated seats cost, and what trim level do you need to buy?

These are important questions that we are going to answer. We also look at the features packaged with this option, discuss the benefits, and show you how to use them.

toyota rav4 seats

Model Availability

Not every RAV4 model comes with heated seats. With some trims, it’s considered an option. Here are the trim levels that you can get heated seats with, and whether they are standard or an available option. 

  • XLE (optional)
  • XLE Premium (optional)
  • Adventure (optional)
  • TRD Off-Road (optional)
  • Hybrid SE (optional)
  • Hybrid XSE (standard)
  • Limited (standard & optional*)
  • Prime SE (standard & optional*)
  • Prime XSE (standard & optional*)

*Front heated seats included standard, while the rear heaters are optional

Among these trim levels, there are also some that come with heated front seats and others that add in the rear function as well. We will discuss all of this in more detail in a moment. 


Front and Rear Heating

Diving deeper into each trim level, you can see what’s available. 

  • XLE – Front only
  • XLE Premium – Front only
  • Adventure – Front only
  • TRD Off-Road – Front only (w/ ventilation)
  • Hybrid SE – Front only
  • Hybrid XSE – Front only
  • Limited – Front (w/ ventilation) and rear available
  • Prime SE – Front and rear available
  • Prime XSE – Front and rear available

Based on this information, you see that many trim levels offer heated front seats (with or without ventilation), with some trims offering heated rear seats as an option. 


Complimentary Features

toyota rav4 interior

With some trim levels, the heated seats come with a package that bundles several features together. Depending on the RAV4 trim level, you may also enjoy these features:

  • Heated steering wheel
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers
  • Moonroof
  • 8-way adjustable driver’s seat w/ lumbar support
  • Perforated and ventilated seats

The only way to determine what your trim level would come with is to use the RAV4 build feature. You can choose from multiple trim levels and options to create the RAV4 you want. This feature also helps you estimate the price better. 


If the trim level you choose comes standard with heated front seats, you aren’t paying more for them. However, if they aren’t part of the trim, you need to add the Weather Package to your RAV4.

Depending on the trim level chosen, heated seats may add another $815 to $1,665 to the total price as part of Toyota’s Weather Package. This means some other features are included in that price.

Pricing does vary by location and the RAV4 model year chosen, so speak with your local dealership for more information. 


Are They Worth It?

How do you decide if heated seats are worth spending money on? It’s helpful to look at your lifestyle, climate, and budget to determine if you want heated seats. Let’s look at both the benefits and drawbacks so that you can get a clearer picture. 


There are numerous benefits to having heated seats. Here are just a few to consider.

  • Comfort: It’s more comfortable riding in a cold car when heated seats are available. Not only do the heated seats warm your body faster, but they also help to keep the vehicle warmer. 
  • Customized temperature control: If you are colder than your passenger, the heated seat helps you remain warm without causing them to become hot. You can turn on your seat, and they can leave theirs off. 
  • Higher resale value: Because heated seats are seen as a luxury feature, you can get more money for your vehicle when you sell it. 
  • Good for lower back pain: The heat helps to relieve back discomfort, especially during long drives.


Having heated seats isn’t always beneficial. There are some downsides you must also consider, including:

  • Added repair cost: If the heated seats break, you have additional costs involved with repairing them. 
  • Increased chance of skin burns: With the seats too hot, there’s a higher chance of skin burns and rashes. Heated seats can be especially dangerous for anyone with diabetes, neuropathy, or other health issues that may impact how heat is felt.
  • Increased fire risk: With the electrical components, there’s a slightly elevated fire risk. You can reduce this risk by keeping the seat uncovered. Don’t use a cushion or blanket. 

Based on this information, you may be able to decide whether heated seats are right for you. It’s also helpful to look at your climate. For example, if you live in Southern Texas, where it rarely hits freezing temperatures, the heated seats may be a waste of money. 


How to Use Heated Seats

Every RAV4 with heated seats has a special button to turn it on and off. The variation of this button depends on your RAV4 and what options it is equipped with. You can learn more by reading the owner’s manual. 

Here are a few different variations of the heated seat buttons that you might see on your RAV4.

The front heated seats have variable temperature control. To alternate between different temperatures, flip the switch or press the button.

If the heated seat is on, an indicator light will also turn on. Once the heater is turned off, the light also turns off.

With the rear seat heaters, you don’t have temperature control. Instead, you can turn on the heaters with the button. However, there’s still an indicator light that lets you know if the rear seaters are on or off. 


If you are tired of driving in colder climates without the warmth you need, consider getting a RAV4 with heated seats. On a cold winter morning, these heated seats can change your outlook on life.

While there’s no getting around needing to drive to work, you can at least be comfortable along the way. Plus, you get other perks with the RAV4 weather package that make it a good deal for most drivers. 

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One Comment

  1. JG Berson says:

    My 2017 LTD had heated seats and steering wheel. They are now a mandatory item any next car.
    I get a lower back pain if I sit too long in one position, especially on long (distance or time) trips. The heated seat, even on low, adds hours to my comfort. Rarely need high temp.
    Heated steering wheel means I don’t need gloves in winter and counters the A/C blowing on my hands in summer.
    The only drawback are the switch locations. In the 2017 the seat switches are mounted too low to easily reach without looking and a short reach, and the wheel switch is also hidden behind the visible wheel rim.

    Also, do not leave the car in neutral, engine off, if the seats are on. Will drain battery in less than 30 minutes.
    I speak from experience on this.