Green Toyota RAV4 (Overview & History)

Kermit the Frog is known for saying, “It ain’t easy being green.” Yet, many drivers desire the green car color because of its tranquil and peaceful aura. If you are a fan of this hue, you may wonder if the green Toyota RAV4 exists, and if it does, you want to know how to get your hands on it.

In this guide, we cover the RAV4 variations that include green. We also look at ways to make the RAV4 greener and give you some valuable insight that makes your car-buying process a little easier.

toyota rav4 wrapped in green

Does a Green Toyota RAV4 Exist?

Yes, a green Toyota RAV4 exists.

Toyota announced that the 2024 RAV4 will come in Army Green on Woodland Edition, Adventure, and TRD Off-Road trim levels.

The last time the RAV4 was available in a green shade was in 2013. Before then, Toyota offered several shades of green for the RAV4 between 1999 and 2008.

Here are the various RAV4 hues that were offered over the years: 

  • Deep Jewel Green Mica (1999)
  • Mystic Teal Mica (1998-2000)
  • Deep Jewel Green Metallic (2000)
  • Rainforest Mica (2001)
  • Rainforest Pearl (2002-2003)
  • Everglade Metallic (2004-2008)
  • Spruce Mica (2013)
  • Army Green (2024)

Outside of army green, you may also consider a Lunar Rock RAV4 that has a mixture of gray and green that creates a unique hue. However, most people agree that this color is definitely more gray than green. 

2021 Toyota RAV4 Lunar Rock 2
Lunar Rock

Otherwise, some 4th generation RAV4s were available in Galactic Aqua Mica. While it’s considered to be partly green, we think it looks a little more blue. 

If you think you’ve seen a new green RAV4 on the road, it may be that you were looking at a Highlander instead, which does come in green. Toyota offers Cypress for the Highlander, which is a dark green. 

It’s easy to mistake these two Toyota SUVs. Even Jonathan, our Content Director, confused the Highlanders for RAV4s when he first started shopping. 


Types of Toyota Greens

Toyota offers many different shades of green, depending on which car you are looking at. Here are some options to consider.

  • Electric Lime: Bright green color available for some Tacoma TRD Pro model years.
  • Alumina Jade Metallic: Dark, gray-green color that was available on some older Highlander models.
  • Sea Glass Pearl: A gray-blue mixture with a slight hint of green. It was available with older Prius models.
  • Army Green: Dark, flat green color that was available with older Tundra, 4Runner, Tacoma, and the 2024 RAV4. 
  • Hakone Green: Was available with the GT86 Hakone Edition but can’t be chosen anymore. 
  • Cypress: Dark, metallic green color available with the Highlander. 

If you are shopping for a used Toyota, you may see some other shades of green if the previous owner had a custom paint job. 


The Future

Before the 2024 RAV4 was announced in Army Green, we were doubtful that Toyota would offer a green RAV4 any time soon since they haven’t offered the color since 2013.

We’re quite happy with the way Army Green fits the 2024 RAV4, especially since they’ve reserved this color for the rugged trims.

How to Turn Your RAV4 Green

If you settled for a RAV4 in a color other than what you wanted, you can change your RAV4 to green. You have two options available, either repaint or wrap the car.

Let’s look at these two options a little closer.


  • Offers a classic, authentic appearance
  • Permanent option
  • Easier to repair and touch up than a wrap
  • Costs between $3,000 and $6,500 (average)


  • Thin vinyl sheet is applied to the exterior of the RAV4
  • Provides different textures, from high-gloss to matte
  • Lasts three to five years
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be removed for a fee, but damage might occur
  • Costs $2,000 to $4,000 (average)

Wrapping the RAV4 is the quicker, easier option. However, vinyl wrap can’t be applied to a car with any imperfections. Your vehicle must be repaired first if it has dings, scratches, or any other damage.

Painting the car is a more permanent option, but it costs more and takes longer to perform. The body shop needs to sand the car down, primer it, and repaint the entire exterior. 

(Capital One)

Interesting Facts

The colors you choose have a lot to say about you and your personality. So, what are some of the intricacies of owning a green car? Here are a few fun facts worth noting.

  • Green, and other earth-tone colors, represent a person that appreciates the environment and nature. It’s known to symbolize tranquility, peace, and harmony. (Colorpsychology)
  • People who own green cars tend to be more simplistic, grounded, and humble. (Hello Magazine)
  • Green is the 8th most popular car color. Only 1.4% of cars have some shade of green. Darker green shades are more popular than brighter ones. (Edmunds)
  • Dark green often means that the driver is well-balanced, trustworthy, and traditional. Light green shows something more organic, no-fuss, and understated. (Today)
  • On the flip side, some people believe that green cars are unlucky or cursed. (MotorBiscuit)

Would You Drive a Green RAV4?

If a green RAV4 were available, would you line up to order one? While we can’t see a RAV4 with a green paint job being a hot ticket item, we are sure some would jump at the chance to own this SUV.

Since you can’t get a new green Toyota RAV4, your only other options are to buy an older model in green or make modifications to your SUV. With a paint job or wrap, you can create a RAV4 with any design or color you want. 

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