Blue Toyota RAV4 (History, Variations, and Availability)

Whether you hope to match the color of your eyes or are looking for an SUV reminiscent of the sky, you will likely enjoy the blue Toyota RAV4. Over its time on America’s roads, the RAV4 has been offered in a variety of blue shades.

We show you what blue colors are available and have been available. We also look into the future together to see what might be coming down the pipeline. There’s even a section below discussing some fun facts about blue cars. 

2023 Toyota RAV4 in Cavalry Blue

Exploring Different Blue Colors Offered on the RAV4

Here’s a list of blue colors that either are or have been available with the RAV4. Among the options, there has been a wide range of hues, from the lightest blue to the deepest, darkest color. 

  • Royal Sapphire Pearl (1999-2000): Some people have noted that this blue color appears purple depending on what light it’s in.
  • Spectra Blue Mica (2001-2005): This vibrant darker blue has a special sheen to it that makes it sparkle.
  • Nautical Blue Metallic (2006-2007): Even though this is a darker shade of blue, there are still some subtle hints of gray.
  • Pacific Blue Metallic (2006-2012): As a soft shade, this ocean-colored blue also offers hints of gray or silver in certain lights.
  • Shoreline Blue Pearl (2013-2014): While it’s still a subtle blue shade, definite gray undertones accent this hue.
  • Blue Crush Metallic (2014-2015): As a bright and vibrant blue, this metallic finish can make the color look purple in the right light.
  • Electric Storm Blue (2016-2018): There’s nothing tame about this blue color, with its bright, eye-catching style.
  • Galactic Aqua Mica (2017-2018): You may need to look at this color twice to see it’s a dark blue, not black.
  • Blue Flame (2019-2021): Toyota hasn’t made a blue as bright as this one. It’s similar to Robin’s egg or sky blue.
  • Blueprint (2022-2023): This dark blue metallic hue has subtle hints of silver within. 
  • Cavalry Blue (2022-2023): Another rich blue shade that remains subtle but has a gray tint mixed in.  

The Mystic Teal Mica color was also offered from 1999 to 2000. While it isn’t straight blue, it’s a darker teal shade that is a mixture of green and blue. 

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The Future of Blue RAV4s

Toyota has offered blue colors with every RAV4 release. For that reason alone, we expect to see more blue in the future, although Toyota hasn’t confirmed plans for any new colors.

Throughout the years, there has been a nice balance of the darker, deeper blues and the more vibrant, lighter blues. While there aren’t ordinarily multiple options to choose from during a model year, there are right now with the Blueprint and Calvary Blue options. 

Based on speculation, the 2024 RAV4 (which will be released this fall) may continue to be offered with Calvary Blue, although Toyota hasn’t confirmed this information. 

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Ways to Turn Your RAV4 Blue

Sometimes, we buy vehicles that appeal to us upfront, but our tastes change. You have several options if you have a RAV4 that you want to turn blue. 


An auto body shop can take the color off your RAV4 and paint it any color you desire. To do this, the shop must sand down the car, buff out any uneven spots, apply primer, and paint the surface several times. They also finish it with a clear coat to provide some sheen.

person repainting a car blue

On average, expect to spend between $1,000 and $4,500 for a complete paint job. To get your SUV showroom quality ready, expect to spend more than $2,500. However, the national average for a full paint job is $1,903.

The price is dependent upon:

  • Quality of the paint job
  • Vehicle size (RAV4 is considered a compact SUV)
  • Any necessary repairs for the paint job
  • Local labor rates

What are some of the benefits of repainting the car versus wrapping it? Here are a few to consider.

  • Imperfections are repaired
  • Better color-matching 
  • Adds value to the vehicle (if a common color)
  • Lasts 10 to 15 years

Yet, here are a few disadvantages of painting the RAV4.

  • Can be costly
  • Takes a lot of time (you need another form of transportation while it’s in the shop)

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Instead of painting the car, you can apply a car wrap with massive vinyl decals to your SUV’s panels. You may even be able to apply the wrap yourself.

person wrapping a car blue

The average cost for a DIY wrap is between $500 and $700. To have a shop install the wrap on a small SUV like a RAV4, you may spend $3,500.  

Some factors affecting the pricing include the following:

  • Quality of the vinyl wrap
  • Amount of body panels to be covered
  • If the vehicle has a body kit
  • Local labor rates

Why would you want to wrap the SUV versus painting it? Here are a few benefits of wrapping to consider:

  • Customizable, plenty of options
  • Protects the paint
  • Removable
  • Doesn’t affect the resale value
  • Can be installed at home, reducing the cost
  • Faster turnaround

Yet, here are some disadvantages to wrapping the RAV4.

  • Original color can seep through
  • Only lasts three to four years, even with proper maintenance
  • Doesn’t hide imperfections
  • UV exposure can lead to color fading

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Interesting Facts About Owning a Blue Car

Why do people choose blue cars? Here are a few fun facts about blue cars you may not know.

  • Blue is considered the color of calm and cool.
  • It expresses strength, wisdom, and trust.
  • Drivers of blue cars think of themselves as dependable and even-tempered.
  • The blue car driver tends to be friendly and content. They are more likely to “seize the day.” 

There are also some differences among the shades of blue. 

  • Light blue: Driver is low-key and prefers to go unnoticed
  • Medium to bright blue: Driver tends to be reliable and credible
  • Dark blue: This hue shows authority and confidence, with seriousness and professionalism

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Where to Buy a Blue RAV4

If you want to buy a new blue RAV4, choose from Blueprint or Calvary Blue, depending on the trim level selected. Check with your local Toyota dealership to see what’s available. 

If you are interested in the older color options, you should look for a used RAV4 in that hue. While you can also shop for a used RAV4 at local dealerships, hunting down an exact color can be challenging. For that reason, we prefer shopping online. You can filter by your local area and a blue exterior on most platforms. Consider these options:

Don’t forget to keep an eye on local platforms, such as Facebook Marketplace, because you never know what will show up.

There’s No Need to Be Blue

If you are in the market for a blue RAV4, there are plenty of options available to you. There may be a short wait time for a new RAV4, but you can likely order one in blue. Otherwise, you may want to wait until the new models come out to see what’s available or look for a used SUV. 

Whatever avenue you choose, you are sure to look confident and cool as you head down the road in your blue RAV4. 

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