Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Availability & Wait Time

As you may already know, agonizingly long wait times are unfortunately the norm for those looking to purchase a RAV4 Hybrid.

We understand how frustrating this is, so we are going to shed some light on the situation so you don’t feel left in the dark.

By the end of this article, you’ll be better informed to decide whether or not it’s worth waiting for a RAV4 Hybrid.

For the most up to date look at Toyota RAV4 wait times (all models), please visit our Toyota RAV4 Wait Times page.

toyota rav4 hybrid

Current Wait Times

The estimated wait time for a RAV4 Hybrid is anywhere from 0-3 years, with an average wait time of 12 months, based on our calls with Toyota dealerships in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

It’s important to note that these wait times vary a lot depending on your country, so we’re going to break it down even further.

Note: We consolidate wait time information for all models and trims here on a quarterly basis.


Buyers in the USA will experience the shortest wait times for a RAV4 Hybrid, ranging from 0-12 months. The average wait time is only 2.4 months.

RegionEstimated Wait Time
Midwest2-4 weeks
Northeast1-10 months
Northwest1-12 months
Southeast0-4 weeks
Southwest1-2 months
Alaska2-4 months
HawaiiNot available

The Midwest and Southeast regions of the country see the shortest wait times. Other regions still have opportunities for short wait times, but some dealerships have more lengthy wait times extending up to a year.

It’s possible to find a short wait list in the USA, but you may need to inquire with several dealerships if you are located in one of the most impacted regions.

We don’t believe it is worth traveling out of state to purchase one unless it is a neighboring state. That should not be necessary if you are willing to put in the work to contact your closest 5-10 dealerships.


RAV4 Hybrid wait times in Canada are significantly greater than those in the USA, with waiting lists ranging anywhere from 8-36 months long. The average wait time in Canada is 11.2 months.

RegionEstimated Wait Time
Central Canada8-12 months
The Atlantic Provinces8-12 months
The Northern Territories2-3 years
The Prairie Provinces8-18 months
The West Coast8-12 months

Generally, all regions of Canada see similar wait times, excluding The Northern Territories.

Since the wait times in The Northern Territories are significantly longer than in other parts of the country, the average wait time is unnecessarily skewed for those who don’t live in that region.

By removing this region from our calculation, the average wait time bumps down to 9.8 months, which is slightly more favorable.

Some consumers may not be able or willing to wait this long for a car, so alternative options may be necessary. However, these wait times are not a complete dealbreaker for many people.


The Australian market is severely impacted by demand and supply issues, with RAV4 Hybrid wait times ranging from 1-3 years. The average wait time is 21.1 months.

RegionEstimated Wait Time
New South Wales1-2 years
Queensland1-2 years
South Australia1-2 years
Tasmania1-3 years
Victoria1-3 years
Western Australia1-3 years

Because of the conditions in Australia, it’s important to contact as many Toyota dealerships as possible to find the shortest waiting list.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to improve your waiting time other than being patient and loosening your requirements for options and trim levels.

Prospective RAV4 buyers in Australia are frustrated with these wait lists and are seeking alternative options. However, the Australian RAV4 market is improving, so it may be worth holding out into the next year as waiting lists are expected to decrease significantly.

Future Outlook

Although it has been several years since shortages began affecting the automotive industry, there is reason to believe that significant improvements will come for RAV4 Hybrid wait times in 2024.

Toyota is already hitting record delivery numbers in Australia according to VP of Sales & Marketing Sean Hanley. Similar trends are expected in other countries.

Check out our Toyota RAV4 wait time guide to learn more about whether or not conditions will improve over time and what Toyota is doing about the situation.


Most Toyota dealerships require a deposit to reserve your spot on a waitlist, although in rare cases they will not.

It’s common for deposits to range from $500 to $1,500, but they can sometimes be calculated based on the price of the vehicle. If you place a deposit, it is credited towards your final purchase price.

Many deposits in the USA are non-refundable, but Canada and Australia typically offer refundable deposits.

Buying Used as an Alternative

The quickest way to get your hands on a RAV4 Hybrid is by purchasing a used one. They are easy to find, and you won’t have any wait time.

However, this side of the auto market has also been impacted by the new car shortages.

With new car shortages, there is increased demand for used cars. That means used prices are quite high, and sometimes even more expensive than buying one brand new.

We reviewed listings on for “like new” RAV4 Hybrids (2023 model year under 5,000 miles) and compared them with new RAV4 prices. We found that used RAV4 Hybrids averaged roughly 10% more expensive than brand new prices.

That’s the premium that consumers are willing to pay to avoid wait times for brand-new RAV4 Hybrids.

Is It Worth the Wait?

Having to wait for a new car can really test your patience.

Wait times for the RAV4 Hybrid are relatively short in the USA but much longer in Canada and Australia. Regardless of how long the wait time is, it’s disappointing since new cars were always available on the lot years ago.

Luckily, there are shifts occurring in the market that may bring significant improvements to wait times in mid-2024.

If you can afford to wait, you can get your spot in line by placing a deposit with your local Toyota dealership. Alternatively, you can seek out used RAV4 Hybrids, but expect to pay a premium due to their immediate availability.

Whether it’s worth the wait or not depends on your circumstances. If this is a car you’ve been dreaming about, the anticipation may actually be an enjoyable experience. Once you finally receive your car, you’ll appreciate it even more.

On the other hand, if you’re simply in the market for a car and are not brand-loyal, it may be worth considering other manufacturers or models.

Do you think the RAV4 Hybrid is worth the wait? Leave your comments below!

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