Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost

The RAV4 Hybrid is a great vehicle, but we all know that they don’t last forever.

When it comes to hybrids, there are plenty of new technologies that haven’t been used in cars before. It makes you wonder how long these components last and how much it costs to replace them.

In particular, many consumers have questions about the cost of replacing a hybrid battery on a RAV4, which is a core component of the vehicle’s functionality.

We’re going to address the costs associated with replacing the RAV4 Hybrid’s battery pack so you don’t feel left in the dark.

This article covers the costs of using a new vs. used battery for replacement, whether or not you should use a genuine Toyota battery, how your warranty protects you from the cost, and more.

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New Battery

A new traction battery for your RAV4 Hybrid can run anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 in parts and labor (Santa Cruz Toyota).

Let’s dig into this price range even further.

The 2023 RAV4’s battery pack has an MSRP of $4,715.69 (Lakeland Toyota). This battery is produced by Toyota and is identical to the one that came with the vehicle originally.

It’s common for Toyota’s batteries to go on sale for a few hundred dollars, so it’s worth keeping an eye on prices.

There’s also the option to choose a third-party (aftermarket) battery producer instead of buying a new battery manufactured by Toyota. The company Green Bean offers a 2016-2018 RAV4 Hybrid battery for only $2,824.

A brand-new battery is a great option if you’re looking to significantly extend the life of your RAV4 Hybrid.

On the other hand, it may be more economical to replace it with a used battery if your RAV4 has high mileage.

Used Battery

Replacing your RAV4 Hybrid’s battery with a used battery will typically cost between $1,500 and $3,500 (Santa Cruz Toyota).

Toyota offers used hybrid batteries for replacement purposes.

The batteries are sourced from other RAV4s that have reached the end of their life or have experienced a battery failure.

Even if a battery is no longer operable, Toyota can refurbish it and reuse it as a certified pre-owned product as part of their closed-loop, EV battery life cycle.

You can also find affordable used RAV4 Hybrid batteries sold by third-party companies on websites like eBay.

Here’s an example of an eBay listing, which shows a used OEM hybrid battery selling for $1,514.55 with 41,000 miles on it. It even offers a warranty.

RAV4 Hybrid Battery for sale on eBay

A scrap yard may also have batteries available, which could be much cheaper than purchasing online or through Toyota. However, you won’t receive any warranties or inspections to verify the quality of the battery.

OEM vs. Aftermarket

When replacing your RAV4 Hybrid’s battery, you can use a genuine Toyota battery (OEM) or a battery produced by another company (aftermarket).

We spoke with John Lin, owner of JB Motor Works, to provide deeper insights on this topic.


Replacing your hybrid battery with one produced by Toyota is the more expensive option. As we mentioned earlier, the 2023 RAV4 Hybrid battery pack has an MSRP of $4,715.69.

Lin says that when buying OEM “you’re buying reassurance”. These batteries are designed by Toyota to perfectly fit and function within the RAV4’s design.

An OEM battery is backed by Toyota’s reputation for high-quality products and helpful customer support.

Let’s compare this with the cost of an aftermarket hybrid battery.


Lin states that “the primary advantage is cost” when it comes to aftermarket hybrid batteries.

In the example we gave earlier, the company Green Bean offers a 2016-2018 RAV4 Hybrid battery for only $2,824, which is significantly cheaper than Toyota’s battery pack.

However, Lin warns that “not all aftermarket batteries are created equal.” They might not last as long, could lack a sufficient warranty, and could experience compatibility issues.


It’s very important to point out that you may not have to pay for your battery replacement at all because Toyota offers an excellent RAV4 hybrid battery warranty.

The warranty covers the battery for 10 years or 150,000 miles for 2020 or newer RAV4s. For older RAV4s, the battery warranty covers 8 years or 100,000 miles.

This gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t be exposed to the risk of an expensive battery replacement until many years down the line.

If you get your hybrid battery replaced with a new one from Toyota, the replacement comes with a 3-year/unlimited mileage warranty (if your factory battery warranty has less than 3 years left).

Future Cost Changes

As with any new technology, the production costs start off high.

Over time, we expect RAV4 Hybrid battery costs to decrease as innovations are made and high demand allows for economies of scale to take effect.

We’ve already seen the cost of electric vehicles drop by 89% from 2008 to 2022 ( The costs will continue to drop, but they will eventually plateau.

There’s no certainty on how cheap hybrid batteries will become, but this technology is still new, and you can expect costs to continue dropping for many years to come.

When the time comes to replace the battery in your RAV4 Hybrid, battery costs are likely to be much cheaper.


The cost of replacing a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid battery can be anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000, depending on whether you buy a new, used, aftermarket, or OEM battery.

Of course, you only need to worry about this cost if your RAV4 Hybrid is out of warranty. The warranty period is either 10 years/150,000 miles or 8 years/100,000 miles depending on the model year.

In the future, we can expect these battery replacement costs to drop over time due to economies of scale and advancements in technology.

We hope this guide helped you gain a better understanding of the replacement cost of a RAV4 Hybrid battery.

Let us know your thoughts about these costs in the comments below!

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  1. The real problem is that in 10+ years or so when you may need to replace the battery it will no longer be supported for the car as new types of battery technology will have replaced the old and no one will make a retrofit for your old car. It will become non repairable and scrap. I have seen this play out so many times with all kind of products.
    Let’s tell the whole story so the consumer knows what they are buying.
    Thanks, Richard

    1. RAV4 Resource says:

      Toyota will still be refurbishing these batteries like new 10 years from now, even if they aren’t producing the same batteries brand new anymore. Otherwise, people would catch on to this and avoid buying EVs for this reason.

      Just because certain cars stop using a specific engine doesn’t mean it won’t be supported years later when that engine is no longer in production.

    2. How about talking about what most people don’t know: the cost of the 12V battery that has to be replaced every 3-5 years on average. It costs a mind-blowing $500 CAD (special order). This depletes any “gas savings” one may have. And when the repairs come, they’re NOT cheap. I’ll never EVER buy another RAV4 Hybrid again, let along ANY hybrid vehicle for that matter.

  2. Toyota’s change over from Lithium ion to Lithium Iron Phosphate will greatly improve range, weight and charging. Our 2023 rav4 prime range was supposed to be 42 mi but so far it’s been in the high 30’s after a full recharge. The dealer delivered it to us with 240mi on the clock ,a full tank and a flat battery in Sept. 2023. Go figure.

  3. I’m considering a refurbished battery pack from hybrid to go. They offer on site installation and lifetime warranty. They have 800+ five star reviews that seem to be credible.

  4. RAV4 Hybrid has small Li-ion battery. I can only make about 1/2 mile in EV mode on a half full battery, which means that battery is about 1/2 kWh. If we take average of $300/kWh cost of battery storage then the replacement battery for RAV4 Hybrid should cost about $150. How the heck did Toyota come up with replacement cost of over $4,000? WTF!