2023 Toyota RAV4 Interior Colors

Choosing your RAV4’s interior color is an important (and fun) part of the process. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time looking at your interior.

It’s nice to view all the options in a way that is easy to compare, so that’s why we created this article.

We’ll showcase photos of all the RAV4’s interior colors and their availability of specific trims. We’ll also explain the types of materials available and advice on choosing a color.

**For the 2024 interior color offerings, click here**

nutmeg interior overview


ash fabric drivers seat
Ash Fabric
ash softex drivers seat
Ash SofTex
ash fabric rear seats
Ash Fabric
ash softex rear seats
Ash SofTex

The Ash interior provides a two-toned gray appearance that offers an upscale, dynamic style that is sure to impress. Its color adds a “cool” feeling to the cabin and also makes it feel very spacious.

The Ash interior is available on the following trims:

  • XLE (Fabric)
  • XLE Premium (SofTex)
  • Limited (SofTex)


Black fabric front seats
Black Fabric
black softex front seats
Black SofTex
black mixed media seats with red stitching
Black Mixed Media (Red Stitching)
black mixed media seats with light blue stitching
Black Mixed Media (Light Blue Stitching)

The black interior is a very popular choice for its simple yet impressive appearance. The contrast of the black complements the RAV4’s interior quite nicely.

Its fabric texture provides an appearance that no one can complain about, while the SofTex option offers an elegant and upscale look.

A couple of trims also offer Black Mixed Media, which is a combination of fabric and SofTex, trimming with colored stitching if you’re looking for something more unique.

Additionally, the black interior is very easy to keep clean. The color easily hides dirt and stains. This means your RAV4 will always look sharp!

The Black interior is available on the following trims:

  • LE (Fabric)
  • XLE (Fabric)
  • XLE Premium (SofTex)
  • Limited (SofTex)
  • Adventure (SofTex)
  • TRD Off-Road (SofTex)
  • Hybrid SE (Fabric)
  • Hybrid XSE (Mixed media w/ light blue stitching)
  • Hybrid Woodland Edition (Fabric)
  • Prime SE (Fabric)
  • Prime XSE (SofTex or mixed media w/ red stitching)

Note: To get the Black SofTex interior on the Prime XSE, you must also get the Weather Package and Premium Package.


mocha softex rear seats
Mocha SofTex
mocha softex close up
Mocha SofTex

Mocha isn’t a typical one-tone interior color. Instead, it offers a unique balance of colors that pair perfectly together. With the contrasting colors in play, it offers a unique environment that remains highly coveted.

The seats are trimmed with a dark mocha color, with a light taupe coloring the center of the seats. It also contains eye-catching orange accents for even more fun.

The Mocha interior is only available on the Adventure trim.


nutmeg fabric drivers seat close up
Nutmeg Fabric
nutmeg softex front seats
Nutmeg SofTex
nutmeg fabric rear seats
Nutmeg Fabric
nutmeg softex front seats overview
Nutmeg SofTex

It doesn’t take long to realize how unique the nutmeg interior is on the RAV4. It’s a much more noticeable color change when compared to the black interior.

This color gives us a break from the standard black interior for a more upscale and classy experience, especially in SofTex material. The nutmeg accents around the vehicle really tie the interior together.

Although these fabric seats may be more difficult to keep clean than black fabric, you’ll love this color if you take proper care of it. However, the SofTex is still relatively easy to keep clean.

The Nutmeg interior is available on the following trims:

  • LE (Fabric)
  • XLE (Fabric)
  • XLE Premium (SofTex)
  • Limited (SofTex)

Additionally, Nutmeg is only available when paired with one of the following exterior colors:

  • Ice Cap
  • Midnight Black Metallic
  • Ruby Flare Pearl
  • Blueprint
  • Lunar Rock
  • Wind Chill Pearl

Available Textures

Toyota offers three options to make up the seat materials: fabric, SofTex, and mixed media.

Each type has significant differences in appearance, feel, maintenance needs, and comfort. Let’s talk about each so you can decide which one is right for you.


Fabric seats are a classic choice, made from woven textile material.

They’re known for comfort, affordability, and breathability. It’s an all-around great choice for most people.

The main disadvantage of fabric seats is that they can be more difficult to keep clean. Since they are very breathable, liquids and dirt particles can easily be absorbed into the material.

They may also be a bit less durable than other seating materials.


SofTex is Toyota’s proprietary synthetic leather material. It looks and feels like leather but does not consist of animal products.

SofTex is better than genuine leather and other seating materials for a few reasons. Not only are these seats designed to be upscale and comfortable, but they’re also very durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean.

Mixed Media

Mixed media is one of the more unique seating material options offered on the RAV4. It’s a combination of fabric and SofTex, so you’re getting the best of both worlds.

With this material, you’ll get the benefits of comfort, style, breathability, durability, and ease of cleaning.

Additionally, the mixed media seats are paired with colored stitching accents (light blue or red, depending on the trim level). These accents provide a unique look that you can’t get on most RAV4s.

Choosing Your Seat Color

Since you’ll spend most of your time looking at your car’s interior, picking the right color is pretty important.

Here are three factors you should consider when choosing your seat color:

  • Appearance: Choose a color that complements your exterior color and personal preferences.
  • Temperature: Dark colors, like black, can get very hot in sunlight, especially in SofTex material.
  • Ease of cleaning: Light colors show stains and dirt more easily.


Don’t overlook choosing your interior color, as it’s the part of your car that you’ll be viewing most often.

The 2023 RAV4 comes in four impressive interior colors: Ash, Black, Mocha, and Nutmeg.

These colors are available in two materials, including fabric and SofTex. You can also choose their mixed media material, which is a combination of both.

Consider your personal tastes, cleanliness, and climate when choosing your seat color.

Now that we’ve showcased all the 2023 RAV4 interior colors, what is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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