Toyota RAV4 Wait Times in Canada (Q4 2023)

Despite a large portion of RAV4 production taking place in Ontario, consumers are having trouble getting their hands on this best-selling SUV.

This has been a problem since 2021 that still hasn’t been resolved. Although there have been some improvements to the situation, people are finding themselves on wait lists extending months or years into the future.

We want to get to the bottom of this, so we called more than 25 dealerships in all regions of the country to collect data about wait times.

Here’s what we gathered from our discussions with those dealerships.

Note: We will continue to update this article as we receive new information.

Canadian RAV4s in line

RAV4 (Non-Hybrid)

You can expect to wait 2-12 months for a non-hybrid RAV4 in Canada with an average waitlist length of 5.3 months.

While Central Canada is experiencing the shortest waiting times of only a couple of months, consumers in The Northern Territories will find themselves waiting for nearly a year.

RegionEstimated Wait Time
Central Canada2-6 months
The Atlantic Provinces3-6 months
The Northern Territories10-12 months
The Prairie Provinces3-6 months
The West Coast3-6 months

The non-hybrid RAV4 is the best-selling SUV in Canada and has the highest production numbers out of all RAV4 models. Therefore, it has the shortest wait times.

Although this isn’t an ideal waiting time, it’s the best model to choose if you’re looking to buy a RAV4 as quickly as possible.

RAV4 Hybrid

Because of its popularity, the wait times for the RAV4 Hybrid are significant, ranging from 8-36 months with an average of 9.8 months.

Most areas of the country have wait times of less than a year, but The Northern Territories are experiencing wait lists extending for several years.

RegionEstimated Wait Time
Central Canada8-12 months
The Atlantic Provinces8-12 months
The Northern Territories2-3 years
The Prairie Provinces8-18 months
The West Coast8-12 months

The RAV4 Hybrid is a popular option for those seeking a more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly SUV.

RAV4 Prime

With limited supply and selective buyers, most RAV4 Prime wait lists in Canada are as long as 1-4 years, with an average of 21.6 months.

RegionEstimated Wait Time
Central Canada1-4 years
The Atlantic Provinces1-2 years
The Northern TerritoriesNot available
The Prairie Provinces1-2 years
The West Coast1-2 years

If you’re seeking the most fuel-efficient, technology-packed RAV4, the Prime is the right choice for you. However, it is in limited supply.

Since the RAV4 Prime is quite expensive compared to other RAV4 models, buyers also have strict requirements for their desired trim levels, colors, and option packages. This further exaggerates the long wait times.

To learn more about why these wait times exist, how to shorten your wait time, and more, read our full RAV4 wait time guide.

Future Outlook

At the moment, there is not much information available about whether or not Canadian RAV4 wait times will be improving.

Globally, we are seeing improvements with parts shortages and production, so it is expected that these benefits will carry over to Canada as well. For example, RAV4 wait times in Australia are confirmed to be on track for improvement in mid-2024.

We have reached out to Toyota Canada regarding the future outlook of the situation and have not heard back yet. We will update this with any new information we receive in the future.

Reserving Your Spot

When you’re ready to jump in line for a RAV4, there are some things you should know.

Most Canadian Toyota dealerships require a refundable deposit of $1,000-$1,500 to join the waitlist. Although rare, some dealers calculate the deposit based on the vehicle price. A minority of dealerships do not require deposits at all.

Any deposit that you make will be applied toward the vehicle price.

Going to Jump In Line?

Now that you fully understand the RAV4 delays in Canada, are you willing to jump in line for a RAV4 or are you seeking alternative options?

We’d love to know your comments, so leave them below!

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  1. Been waiting since order on July 2023. I have been told that delivery might be December or January. I have recently been thinking of canceling my order if it takes much longer than the estimated delivery time. It would be a shame for Toyota to lose me as a loyal customer . Only time will tell

    1. RAV4 Resource says:

      Thanks for sharing! Be sure to call them every week or so during your expected delivery time. When my RAV4 was delivered, they didn’t even call me until I reached out to them (it arrived earlier than expected). Keep in mind this was 2021, but there will still wait times.

  2. I am on the wait list since August for Rav4 XLE Hybrid. During this waiting time I am looking for other types of vehicles & if I find something I will cancel Rav order.