Whether you plan to figure out fuel efficiency or you have an upcoming repair, it’s helpful to know how large the gas tank size is. The Toyota RAV4 gas tank size varies by model year.

This information is found in your owner’s manual. Otherwise, you can find the gas tank size for your RAV4 in the chart I put together below.

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Toyota RAV4 Gas Tank Size

Depending on the Toyota RAV4 model, gas tank sizes range from 14.5 to 15.9 gallons. Reference the specs in the chart below based on your particular RAV4 model.

Note: The stated gas tank sizes apply to all models of the RAV4 (gas, Hybrid, and Prime), unless otherwise noted.

Model YearGas Tank Size
202314.5 gal. (54.9 L.)
202214.5 gal. (54.9 L.)
202114.5 gal. (54.9 L.)
202014.5 gal. (54.9 L.)
201914.5 gal. (54.9 L.)
2018Gas: 15.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
Hybrid: 14.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
2017Gas: 15.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
Hybrid: 14.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
2016Gas: 15.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
Hybrid: 14.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
201515.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
201415.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
201315.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
201215.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
201115.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
201015.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
200915.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
200815.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
200715.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
200615.9 gal. (60.2 L.)
200514.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
200414.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
200314.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
200214.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
200114.8 gal. (56.0 L.)
200015.3 gal. (57.9 L.)
199915.3 gal. (57.9 L.)
199815.3 gal. (57.9 L.)
199715.3 gal. (57.9 L.)
199615.3 gal. (57.9 L.)
199515.3 gal. (57.9 L.)
199415.3 gal. (57.9 L.)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Toyota RAV4 travels up to 580 miles per tank. Exact specifications are determined by what model you drive and how large the fuel tank is.

Yes, Toyota RAV4 models are among some of the most efficient in the class. As an example, the 2023 Toyota RAV4 earns up to 27/35 mpg city/highway on the gas-powered engine. Even better, the hybrid model is rated at 41/38 mpg.

The 2023 Toyota RAV4 gets up to 30 combined MPG in gasoline models, up to 40 combined MPG for hybrid models, and 38 combined MPG for the Prime (plug-in hybrid).

Hit the Road with a Full Tank

Knowing how much the RAV4 gas tank holds allows you to prepare. It’s easier to budget with the information and it helps you figure out fuel economy ratings.

It doesn’t take much tracking to determine how fuel efficient your RAV4 is. Calculate your savings the next time you fill up.

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