This Dandelion Yellow RAV4 Is Sure to Turn Heads

As an RAV4 enthusiast, I enjoy browsing various online RAV4 forums in my spare time. These forums are filled with frequently asked ownership questions, common problems, modification ideas, and so much more.

One of my favorite things to see in these forums are photos from owners when they’ve made modifications to their RAV4. It’s always great for sparking new ideas and inspiration.

While browsing Reddit’s /r/rav4club forum recently, I came across something I did not expect to see… A yellow RAV4!

yellow toyota rav4 front right quarter view

Ever since I spotted a yellow RAV4 on the road last year, I’ve been wanting to write about it, but I was never able to catch up with the owner.

That’s why I reached out to Reddit user DaveLearnedSomething about his yellow RAV4 post, which received a lot of attention among Reddit users.

Dave wrapped his RAV4 in Inozetek Super Gloss Metallic Dandelion Yellow. This yellow wrap color is matched beautifully by the RAV4’s black wheels, trim, and roof.

Check out these photos showcasing this striking color combo.


yellow toyota rav4 front right view
yellow toyota rav4 right side view from rear
yellow toyota rav4 front left quarter view
yellow toyota rav4 rear right quarter view
yellow toyota rav4 front right quarter view
yellow toyota rav4 right side view


Dave also recorded this video to showcase his RAV4’s unique color at night.

Why Wrap It Yellow?

Turning your RAV4 yellow is a bold move, so what motivated him to do it?

Here are the reasons he gave me:

He specifically opted for a wrap over a new paint job for a couple of reasons.

Wrapping is significantly cheaper than painting. He paid $5,000 AUD ($3,191 USD) for the wrap job at REIN Garage in Syndey, Australia. He’s expecting the wrap to last at least 5 years, but the installer guaranteed it for as long as he keeps the car.

It was also advantageous to choose a wrap because it’s reversible and provides paint protection to preserve resale value.

Was This a Good Idea?

Although I would never wrap my own RAV4 yellow, I think this looks fantastic!

This particular shade of yellow is quite stunning. I’m a huge fan of how it pairs with the black roof, trim, and wheels. It’s so well done that it looks like a paint job directly from the factory. I’m impressed!

As expected, Reddit users had quite a lot to say.

Many Reddit users poked fun at the resemblance to New York City taxi cabs, cracking jokes like user Western_End_2276, who said, “How much to the airport?

For many people, taxis were immediately what came to mind, like in the case of user aclays, who said, “My first thought is it looks like a taxi cab, but really that does look pretty neat.

Although the community was cracking jokes, they admit that it looks quite remarkable. The comment section was flooded with comments such as “I so freaking love it!!!!!“, “Fantastic color“, and other praises.

Out of all 100+ comments on the Reddit post, I only saw one negative remark, which is impressive for such a bold color choice.

What do you think of this color choice? Leave your comments below!

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    we love the yellow, We had a similar shade on our 2010 Focus and we loved it.
    Toyota is too conservatinve on the colours. We bought a Canadian 23 RAV4 Limited. We could not the new Calvery blue or the Moon Rock. Had to settle for boring grey and black interior.

  2. Gary Wilcox says:

    Yellow looks like a clown car. Will the wrap be as shiny as real paint ?
    Increase value ? I don’t think so.