Toyota RAV4 Prime Gas Tank Size: Explained

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is a fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid vehicle known for providing many miles of travel on a single tank of fuel. Knowing this makes you wonder what the Toyota RAV4 Prime gas tank size is. 

I reveal the answers to all of your questions in this article. I dive into the fuel tank size and show you how far you can drive with a single fill-up. 

rav4 prime dashboard

Tank Size

The gas tank in the Toyota RAV4 Prime holds 14.5 gallons of fuel when completely filled.

How does that compare with the other RAV4 models?

Interestingly enough, all models and trims of the 2023 RAV4 hold 14.5 gallons of fuel as well. This includes the gas-only RAV4, the RAV4 Hybrid with an electric motor, and the RAV4 Prime (a PHEV).

Since the RAV4 Prime uses an electric motor, you’ll get much more miles out of a full tank when compared to a gas-only RAV4.


Why Capacity Is Misleading

If you religiously follow your fuel light or pay close attention to Toyota’s “distance to empty” tracker, you know when it’s time to get gas. You may even let the display drop all the way to zero. Yet, when you fill up, you are only able to get 10 to 12 gallons of fuel. Where did the 14.5-gallon capacity go?

These low fuel warnings are quite misleading. The fuel light turns on when the RAV4 Prime has about 2.2 gallons of fuel left. Even after the “distance to empty” display shows zero miles remaining, there’s still a fair bit of fuel in the tank. 

This means you could go longer without filling up, but you shouldn’t. It’s still wise to heed the warning of the gas gauges and displays. When the light comes on or reaches zero miles, get fuel. Better yet, get it before you need it. 

Think about what happens when you continually run your vehicle low on fuel.

  • You could get stranded in a dangerous area, waiting for roadside assistance
  • The fuel filter becomes clogged from sucking up sediment off the bottom of the tank
  • The fuel pump gets damaged because it’s meant to be submerged in fuel
  • The engine starts to misfire when the fuel pump takes in air instead of gas

Is it worth driving a few extra miles before getting gas? Not in the long run. 


Full Tank Distance

According to the EPA, the Toyota RAV4 Prime can go up to 600 miles per tank of fuel. Let’s see how that estimate stacks up to the other RAV4 models.

  • RAV4: up to 435 miles
  • RAV4 Hybrid: up to 580 miles

Why does the RAV4 Prime achieve more miles per tank than the other two RAV4 models? Most of the efficiency has to do with the electric motor and battery. 

The RAV4 Prime is considered a PHEV, so it’s a plug-in hybrid vehicle. Even though it’s similar to the other models, this RAV4 has an electric motor that works in conjunction with the gas motor to save money.

Not only does it achieve an EPA rating of 38 mpg combined, but it also features a 94 MPGe combined score. With the ability to drive up to 42 miles without the gas engine, you can save a lot of money on filling up the tank. 



If you plan to solely drive a short distance to get to work every day, you could go very far with the electric motor in a RAV4 Prime. Just think of how much money can be saved over filling up the tank for your drives.

Sure, the RAV4 Prime may cost more than the two other models, but how long would it take to recoup those costs? It’s a question to ponder before making a decision so you can decide whether or not the RAV4 Prime is worth it for you.

If you decide to check out the plug-in hybrid model, you must consider how you’ll find one. Right now, the RAV4 Prime availability is less than desirable, especially in certain parts of the country.

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  1. Richard Pfeiffer says:

    I really like my rav4 prime. But I disagree with the mileage claims. I only get about 330 miles per tank on 11 gallons combined. The guage and computer indicates the tank is empty. It is winter so I believe that will lover the mileage. But I don’t think I will ever get 600 miles on a tank.

    1. Jonathan Buckley says:

      That is strange. I have a non-hybrid RAV4 and I get 330-350 miles per tank.

      However if you’re driving in the city then your numbers make more sense.

  2. Jerry Olive says:

    2022 RAV4 Prime XSE doesn’t pencil out. Owned it for a year now. Almost $60,000 for a car that shows a 14.5 gallon tank yet shows empty after 10 gallons of fuel usage. Dealer will only offer help after a diagnostic. If everything is okay, the fee to me is $240. Nope. Toyota customer service is of no help. Toyota is misleading consumers here. Specs show 14.5 gallons but say nothing about usable gallons of only 10 gallons. Very disappointing. I wouldn’t buy this vehicle again not based on quality or performance, but on poor customer service and misleading information on official Toyota materials and website.