25 Best Toyota RAV4 Prime Mods & Accessories

Are you looking to add some extra features to your RAV4 Prime?

In this article, I’ll discuss the best mods and accessories you can add to your RAV4 Prime to get the most out of your vehicle.

Take your Toyota RAV4 Prime to the next level with my top 25 favorite mods and accessories for the RAV4 Prime:

1. Interior Cabin LED Kit

rav4 interior light upgrade - front seats

LED lights can offer a brighter and cleaner lighting solution to enhance the appearance of your RAV4 Prime’s interior. Despite this, many individuals tend to overlook the possibility of switching their car’s interior lights from dim, yellow halogen bulbs to LED lights.

By utilizing an Interior Cabin LED Kit, you can easily install bright LED bulbs with “plug and play” installation. This modification proves to be a cost-effective and simple way to enhance your RAV4, especially for the Prime, which is not known for having exceptional interior lighting for the 2021 model year.

2022+ RAV4 Prime already comes with interior LED lighting, so this only applies if you have a 2021 RAV4 Prime.

View our installation guide here.

2. Trunk Hatch Lights

The cargo section of the RAV4 Prime is known to be challenging to view during the night, as it only features a small light that provides insufficient illumination. In fact, the existing cargo light is so dim that you might not even realize it is there.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. You can opt to install these vivid LED lights, which offer abundant lighting within the cargo area. These LED lights attach to the hatch and brighten the entire cargo section once the hatch is opened.

3. Wireless Android Auto Adapter

One major complaint about the 2021-2022 RAV4 Prime is that it does not come with wireless android auto.

Luckily, you can purchase this wireless android auto adapter to make sure life easier!

4. Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter

Many 2021-2022 RAV4 Prime owners don’t like the hassle of plugging in their phone every time they want to use Apple CarPlay.

Thankfully, you can purchase this wireless CarPlay adapter so you don’t need to mess with annoying wires every time you want to listen to music or use navigation.

5. Custom-Fit Center Console Tray Organizer

Turn your RAV4 Prime’s center console into a two-layer storage system that conveniently holds your items with no sliding or rattling.

This storage system is custom-fit for the RAV4 Prime and still allows for ample space below the tray to store extra items in your center console.

6. Center Console Organizer

Although the RAV4 Prime has pretty useful storage spaces built into the car, some people could still benefit from additional storage space for small items.

This center console storage tray is perfect for storing small items such as pens, wallets, phones, and more.

7. Custom-Fit Glove Box Organizer

This custom-fit glove box organizer turns your RAV4 Prime’s glove box into a convenient storage system for your items. Simply drop it into your glove box for installation.

8. Center Console Vault

This is quite an interesting idea and might come in handy if you keep valuables in your RAV4 Prime.

This is a center console safe that locks your items in a box. If your car is broken into, it will help prevent your items from being stolen.

9. Custom-Fit Car Seat Covers

Custom-fit seat covers can make a huge difference in the appearance and feel of your RAV4 Prime’s interior.

Leather seat covers are a great way to make your RAV4 Prime feel more luxurious and comfortable.

10. Rear Cargo Liner

If your RAV4 Prime did not come with a rear cargo liner, you can purchase one aftermarket which is just as good.

This rear cargo liner will provide ultimate protection against messes.

11. Dog Seat Protector

If you have dogs, you know how frustrating it can be to keep your seats clean. Without seat protectors, your dogs can even scratch and rip your seats causing permanent damage.

To keep your RAV4 Prime in pristine condition, use this seat protector.

12. Trumpet Horn Kit

If you’re not satisfied with the stock horn on the RAV4 Prime, you can easily upgrade to something better.

This trumpet horn kit from HELLA is a great swap to perform to upgrade your RAV4 Prime’s horn. Now you can make sure other people hear you on the road!

13. Wireless Phone Charger

Dealing with phone chargers is no fun, especially when you’re in the car.

If you’re tired of using a wire to charge your phone while driving, you can purchase this wireless phone charger to make your life easier.

14. Window Visors

Window visors are a useful modification that allow you to keep your windows partially open during rain without getting your interior wet. It also helps reduce wind noise while the windows are down.

15. Roof Rack Cross Bars

A roof rack can be a useful tool in many situations, such as transporting a mattress, kayaks, skis, and more.

These cross bars mount to the side rails on your RAV4 Prime which allows you to transport items easily whenever you need to.

16. Class 2 Trailer Hitch

Although the RAV4 Prime’s towing capacity is not too impressive, it could still benefit from a hitch.

You can use a hitch on your RAV4 Prime to transport bikes or haul light trailers, campers, or boats.

17. Hydraulic Hood Supports

When opening the hood on your RAV4 Prime, you’ll need to manually set the support arm to hold the hood in place.

If you’re opening your engine frequently, it may be worth investing in these hydraulic hood supports. With these supports, your hood will stay open automatically without the need to lower the support arm.

18. Amber LED Raptor Grille Lights

These amber LED “raptor” lights improve the appearance and safety of your RAV4 Prime!

19. Custom-Fit Floor Mats

These custom-fit floor mats keep your RAV4 Prime protected from spills, dirt, and other messes that can damage your floor. They are also easy to install and clean!

20. Retractable Rear Cargo Cover

If your RAV4 Prime did not come with a cargo cover, this aftermarket option works just as well.

Use this retractable rear cargo cover to keep your items hidden and protected in the back of your RAV4.

21. LED Side Mirror Turn Signals

These LED side mirror sequential turn signals improve the visual prominence of your turn signals.

This is a simple but powerful modification that increases the safety and appearance of your RAV4 Prime.

22. Mud Flaps

These mud flaps keep your RAV4 Prime’s paint protected from mud, dirt, and gravel that is kicked up from your wheels.

If you want to keep your paint free from chips and rust long-term, these are a must-have.

23. Leather Shift Knob Cover

This leather shift knob adds a nice touch to your interior appearance and keeps your shift knob protected.

24. LED Sequential Daytime Running Lights

If you’re looking for a simple, yet elegant way to make your RAV4 Prime stand out, consider these daytime running lights that mount discreetly inside the grille.

25. LED Backlit Power Window Switches

It’s surprising that the RAV4 Prime does not come with backlit window switches from the factory!

Luckily, you can install this LED backlit switch replacement so you never struggle to see buttons in the dark.


Despite being an exceptional vehicle, the Toyota RAV4 Prime could benefit from a few improvements. Simple enhancements, such as improving the technology, sound system, and interior lighting, can elevate your experience with the vehicle.

Out of the various RAV4 Prime modifications available, which one is your favorite? If you are curious about any other aftermarket accessories for the RAV4 Prime that may not be included in this list, feel free to contact me for more information.

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