The 2023 Toyota RAV4 LE may be the base model, yet it’s still fully equipped with the technology and features needed. This RAV4 LE is the cheapest of all of the trim levels but still contains an 8” touchscreen plus a 7” digital gauge cluster. It also includes wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a six-speaker sound system and Bluetooth for seamless connectivity.

Here are the interior colors available on the 2023 Toyota RAV4 LE:

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Black Fabric

The black fabric interior suits the 2023 RAV4 LE pretty well. It’s a very popular choice for its simplicity and impressive appearance. This is the interior color I chose for my own RAV4 LE.

Additionally. the black interior is very easy to keep clean. The color easily hides dirt and stains, and the fabric is easy to clean. This means your RAV4 LE will always look sharp!

This interior color is available with all exterior colors of the RAV4 LE.

Check out these photos:

Nutmeg Fabric

It doesn’t take long to realize how unique the nutmeg interior is on the RAV4 LE. It’s a much more noticeable color change when compared to the black interior.

This color gives us a break from the standard black interior for a more upscale and classy experience. The nutmeg accents around the vehicle really tie the interior together.

Although these fabric seats may be more difficult to keep clean than black, you’ll love this color if you take proper care of it.

The nutmeg fabric interior is only available when paired with the following exterior colors of the 2023 Toyota RAV4 LE trim:

  • Midnight Black Metallic
  • Ruby Flare Pearl
  • Ice Cap

Here are some photos of the nutmeg interior on the RAV4 LE:

Overall Thoughts

The RAV4 LE is an affordable trim level that still offers plenty of impressive features that come standard. Although fabric is the only interior material available, it’s great that you have a choice of two colors with this trim!

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